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    $ZEEKR(ZK.US)$ the sell-off today is a direct result of the latest war that the failure sitting at the White House has gotten the United States in and that is a trade war with China.. three and a half years he's done nothing but destroy the country and now he's trying to play tough guy with 5 months left and impose sanctions on China and it started with tick tock and China retaliated by saying no more AMD or Intel chips will be used in the telecommunications industry in their country and now thi...
    $ZEEKR(ZK.US)$ buy buy buy sell you wife and husband buy this
    Zeekr, the premium electric vehicle (EV) subsidiary of Geely Holding Group, saw a strong performance in deliveries last month, as the updated Zeekr 001, launched at the end of Feb, gained good initial acceptance.
    Zeekr delivered 16,089 vehicles in Apr, a new high since its inception, according to figures released by the company.
    That's up 98.61% from 8,101 vehicles in Apr last year and up 23.65% from 13,012 vehicles in Mar.
    In the Jan-April ...
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