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    $Cassava Sciences(SAVA.US)$ 2 Phase 3 trials with less than 10 months left on one of them, with promising results from the previous trials and yet the Market Manipulators have brought the stock down and shorted it for the last 3 years, almost 6% today to be in $22 price range with the SEC and DOJ doing nothing to stop the manipulation. Meanwhile, INSTITUTIONAL HOLDING seems to be now at an all time high. These share prices are not real as you can see by the continued growth of institutions!
    $Cassava Sciences(SAVA.US)$ Interesting New Article as to what may be the reason SAVA stock has been sabotaged and manipulated by Big Pharma company. Let’s all do our research and connect the dots with the company, university and people and shorts and how the other company is  now at $780/share.  There are trails everywhere of those that May colluding in the background.
    $Cassava Sciences(SAVA.US)$Cassava Sciences has been working on a novel drug that helps treat Alzheimer's in mild patients. their focus has been to develop this drug  that is currently on Phase 3 trial with promising results on their previous phase trials and not waste resources on developing many things at the same time when Simufilam is grounding itself to become  Breakthrough therapy. Later, they can develop many more research.  Protein repair Filamin A has the ability to repair many things. ...
    $Cassava Sciences(SAVA.US)$ Insiders have purchased a total of 261,148 SAVA shares in the last 24 months for a total of $3,929,894.20 bought with no sales
    SEC 8 K Filing February, 7th
    No Decline in Cognition Scores in Patients with Mild Alzheimer's Disease Who Received Simufilam Continuously For 24 Months
    ADAS-Cog Scores Were Stable in a Group of Patients with Mild Alzheimer’s Who Received Drug Candidate Simufilam Continuously, Baseline to Month 24.
    Mild Alzheimer’s Patients Who Received Sim...
    $Cassava Sciences(SAVA.US)$ Even better data now than when the stock price popped to $175 almost 3 years ago. This Data is over 2 years span and showing treatment on a debilitating disease. You do not get better in Alzheimer's over time using placebo. Simufilam is a breakthrough that is helping mild patients slow decline and safe and get better. It is needed for all those suffering now and in future!
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