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RVSN Rail Vision

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    Just some clarification information!

    $Rail Vision(RVSN.US)$ First i see talk that if it drops below a dollar for 30 days it would have to delist or R/S! True but lets put some context for newer traders!              If it would get a notice that they were not in compliance? At that point they get 180 days! And if needed most times a company can appeal and get a additional 180 day extension if needed! But lets just go with no appeal! So it first has to trade under a dollar for 30 consecutive days!...
    $Rail Vision(RVSN.US)$ at this level everybody needs to worry about a notice of delisting which will be coming when the stock breaks a dollar and stays below a dollar for 30 days it meets the point where it would be delisted to the pink sheets and typically what companies would do is they would reverse split it so you would probably see a 5:00 to 1 or 10 to 1 reverse split and shorts will immediately attack a stock like this that does a reverse split so take it for what it's worth I am not short...


    $Rail Vision(RVSN.US)$ Rail Vision Entered Into Non-Binding Memorandum Of Understanding With Leading Railway Technologies Company For The Distribution Of Rail Vision's Mainline And Shuntingyard Products
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