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    Busuu Launches AI-powered ‘Speaking Practice’ to Boost Real-World Conversation Skills
    Busuu, a Chegg service, has launched an AI-powered 'Speaking Practice' feature aimed at enhancing real-world conversation skills. This new tool offers personalized pronunciation practice and feedback using AI, coupled with videos of native speakers to boost confidence in listening and speaking. A survey by Busuu and EY-Parthenon reveals that 55% of learners prioritize conversational skills,...
    $Chegg(CHGG.US)$ it will continue downtrend as long as there’s no solid plan to pivot the business that relied on the pandemic to flourish
    Gross. Old money is gross. A company that has to lay off almost 30% of its workers should be a sell signal. Yet it goes up 18%? Gross.
    Fortunately, things will change soon. Once old money is gone, we will make things right.
    Morning Movers
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    $Chegg(CHGG.US)$ stock saw an impressive 18.01% increase after the education technology company announced a significant workforce reduction, cutting 23% of its global staff as a part of an extensive restructuring initiative.
    $Merck & Co(MRK.US)$ shares experienced a 1.11% uptick following the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's approval of the pharmaceutical giant's advanced vaccine designed to protect a...
    Today's Morning Movers and Top Ratings: CHGG, KR, GME, STM and More
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