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Litian Pictures Holdings Co., Ltd. (“Litian Pictures” for short) and its subsidiaries (collectively the “Group”) is a television drama distribution company. Its business includes the development, production, marketing, and distribution of movies and TV dramas. The Group was founded in 2013. Currently, its main business is to produce and buy out TV series broadcasting rights licenses. According to Frost & Sullivan's report, in terms of revenue earned from the TV drama market in 2019, we ranked 15th among all Chinese TV series distribution groups; in terms of the total number of episodes of TV series released in 2019, we ranked first with a market share of about 6.9% among all TV series distribution companies in China; based on the number of TV series hours produced in 2019, we ranked sixth with a market share of about 0.9% among all TV series production and distribution companies in China. In 2017-2019, we released a total of 120 TV series with different themes. We have the advantages of rich TV series distribution channels and maintain business contacts with more than 90 mainstream television channels and online platforms at the provincial and municipal levels. The films and TV productions we have distributed have been successfully screened on television stations and new media platforms such as CCTV TV channels, Zhejiang TV, Anhui TV, Shenzhen TV, Tencent Video, iQiyi, and Youku. We have a rich copyright reserve for TV series. Beginning in 2019, we entered the web drama market and collaborated with a third-party TV drama production company owned by a leading Chinese technology company to co-produce web dramas. We will continue to strengthen our TV series production and distribution capabilities, focus on producing and distributing more high-quality TV series to leading satellite TV channels, and will also invest more resources and actively develop and produce more types of web dramas to meet the different preferences of young audiences. We are dedicated and professional. We will continue to work to enhance our overall competitiveness and consolidate and enhance our position in the Chinese TV drama market.

Company Profile

Listing DateJun 22, 2020
Issue Price2.56
Shares Offered75.00M share(s)
FoundedJun 17, 2019
Registered AddressCayman Islands
Chairmanli yuan
Secretaryjieyunheyanqun fu
Audit InstitutionKPMG
Company CategoryOverseas registration of Mainland Individuals control
Registered OfficeCricket Square Hutchins Drive P.O. Box 2681 Grand Cayman KY1-1111 Cayman Islands
Head Office and Principal Place of Business40th Floor, Dah Sing Financial Centre, 248 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Fiscal Year Ends12-31
MarketHong Kong motherboard
Business Litian Pictures Holdings Co., Ltd. is a Chinese television series distribution company. The company operates five businesses. The licensing business of buying out TV series broadcasting rights refers to licensing the broadcasting rights of TV series purchased by the company from a third party copyright holder or licensor. The broadcasting rights licensing business for homemade TV series is engaged in licensing the broadcasting rights of their own television series, as well as planning and budgeting, filming and production, and distribution and promotion of their own television series. The television series distribution agency business is responsible for promoting relevant TV series to television channels and discussing the terms and conditions of broadcasting rights licensing on behalf of the television series copyright owners or licensors. The company also operates a copyright sale of TV series scripts and invests in the TV series business.

Company Executives

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  • li yuan
  • presidencies,Executive Director
  • --
  • tian tian
  • CEOs,Executive Director,Authorized Representative
  • --
  • jieyun fu
  • chief financial officer,Executive Director,Joint Company Secretary,Nomination Committee Members,Authorized Representative
  • --
  • jingyu huang
  • Executive Director
  • --
  • yang yu
  • Non-executive directors,Audit Committee Members
  • --
  • zhiwei tang
  • Non-executive directors
  • --
  • binsheng teng
  • Independent Non-Executive Director,Chairman of the Nomination Committee,Remuneration Committee Members
  • --
  • hanlin liu
  • Independent Non-Executive Director,Chairman of the Audit Committee,Nomination Committee Members,Remuneration Committee Members
  • --
  • weimin gan
  • Independent Non-Executive Director,Remuneration Committee Chairman,Audit Committee Members
  • --
  • yijia zhang
  • Project Director
  • --
  • tianbi zhang
  • Director of Distribution
  • --
  • yanqun he
  • Joint Company Secretary,Legal Proceedings Documents Agent
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