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Ximei Resources Holdings Limited (the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries collectively referred to as the “Group” or “Ximei Resources” or “we”) was successfully listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Limited (“SEHK”) in March 2020, and the Company has become the Group's holding company for the purpose of listing. The Company owns three subsidiaries: Xinjia Group Co., Ltd., Ximei Resources (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. (formerly Xite Group Co., Ltd.), and Ximei Resources (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. (“Ximei Guangdong”, previously known as Guangdong Zhiyuan New Materials Co., Ltd.). Ximei Guangdong also has three wholly-owned subsidiaries, namely Ximei Resources (Leizhou) Co., Ltd. (“Ximei Leizhou”), Ximei (Hainan) Trading Co., Ltd. (“Ximei Hainan”), and Ximei Resources (Guiyang) Co., Ltd. (“Ximei Guiyang”). In addition, there are two participating companies, namely CNNC Huazhong New Materials Co., Ltd. (“CNNC Huazhong”) and Ximei Resources (Guizhou) Technology Co., Ltd. (“Ximei Guizhou”). At present, the Group has formed a total of six large-scale enterprises with production bases in Guangdong Province, Guizhou Province, and Hunan Province respectively. In 2022, Jiangxi Ganfeng Lithium Co., Ltd. (“Ganfeng Lithium”), the leading enterprise in the global lithium battery industry chain, became the company's strategic shareholder, accounting for 16.7%, providing strong support in terms of capital, technology and resources. The Group's history began on May 9, 2006. It is an early Chinese non-state market participant in the People's Republic of China (“China”). It is mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of tantalum-niobium products, including tantalum-niobium wet process products and tantalum-niobium pyrochemical products. Wet products mainly include tantalum oxide, niobium oxide and potassium fluorotantalum. The pyrotechnic products mainly include tantalum powder, tantalum bars, iron niobium, and tantalum metal products such as molten niobium. Related products are widely used in semiconductors, high-end electronics, aerospace, defense, military, optics, medicine, etc. The Group has passed the quality, environmental, occupational health, intellectual property and other management systems and the “Responsible Minerals Initiative” (RMI) annual audit certification, and has become a TIC and ITSCI member unit, strictly complying with relevant laws and regulations and international rules. The implementing entities of the Group's hydrometallurgical projects include wholly-owned subsidiaries Ximei Guangdong, Ximei Leizhou, and the joint venture company CNNC Huazhong. Among them, Ximei Guangdong is the world's leading tantalum and niobium hydrometallurgy enterprise, focusing on the R&D and production of potassium fluorophosphate, niobium oxide, high-purity niobium oxide, high-purity tantalum oxide, tantalum powder, etc. In the past three years, the Group's domestic market share of wet products reached about 40% (Note 1). The Group is a national high-tech enterprise, recognized as an innovative enterprise in Guangdong Province, an outstanding manufacturing enterprise in Guangdong Province, and a national intellectual property enterprise. Technology research centers, provincial and municipal science and technology commissioner workstations, etc.; the construction of a new material project with an annual output of 3,000 tons of high-performance tantalum-niobium oxide and CNNC Huazhong's planned annual output of 1,000 tons of tantalum-niobium are all progressing steadily. The implementing entities of the Group's fire smelting projects include Ximei Guizhou and Ximei Guiyang. Among them, Ximei Guizhou was established in 2020 as the company's production base for fire products. The main products include metals and products such as tantalum bars, niobium ingots, niobium, alloys, etc., with a planned production capacity of 1,500 tons/year, all of which can be ranked in the top three in the world after production; Ximei Guiyang was founded in 2022 with a registered capital of RMB 100 million. It is a high-end manufacturing project for new tantalum-niobium metal materials, mainly engaged in the refining, processing and alloy manufacturing of non-ferrous metals after completion. Expected annual production of high-end tantalum-niobium metal products 1,100 tons, currently under early construction. Ximei Resources adheres to the strategic position of “specialization, integration, scale, high-end, internationalization, and capitalization”. With “developing strategic metals and building green metallurgy” as the development goal, it continues to develop R&D and innovation, expand production capacity, and extend the industrial chain. It has won recognition and praise from customers for its unique technology, excellent quality and excellent service, and finally realized the beautiful vision of “creating a leading global tantalum and niobium manufacturer and operator”.

Company Profile

Listing DateMar 12, 2020
Issue Price2.23
Shares Offered75.00M share(s)
FoundedMay 26, 2017
Registered AddressCayman Islands
Chairmanlijue wu
Secretaryhanyun chen
Audit InstitutionErnst & Young
Company CategoryOverseas registration of Mainland Individuals control
Registered OfficeCricket Square Hutchins Drive P.O. Box 2681 Grand Cayman KY1 -1111 Cayman Islands
Head Office and Principal Place of BusinessStudio E, 7th floor, Deli Industrial Building, 49 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong
Fiscal Year Ends12-31
MarketHong Kong motherboard
Business Ximei Resources Holdings Co., Ltd. is an investment holding company mainly engaged in tantalum-niobium metallurgical products. The company's main products include tantalum oxide and niobium oxide, and it also produces and sells potassium flutantalate. The company provides customers with processing services to process tantalum ore and niobium ore provided by customers into pentoxide products and potassium fluorotantalate. Tantalum-niobium metallurgical products are mainly used in high-tech industries such as special alloys, chemicals, electronic ceramics, aerospace, high-end consumer electronics, national defense and hard alloys. The company sells its products in domestic and overseas markets.

Company Executives

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  • lijue wu
  • CEO,presidencies,Executive Director,Chairman of the Nomination Committee,Authorized Representative
  • --
  • guohui liu
  • Independent Non-Executive Director,Chairman of the Audit Committee,Remuneration Committee Members,Nomination Committee Members
  • --
  • zili mao
  • Executive Director
  • --
  • hui zhong
  • Independent Non-Executive Director,Remuneration Committee Chairman,Nomination Committee Members,Audit Committee Members
  • --
  • jieli huang
  • Group Vice President,Executive Director,Remuneration Committee Members
  • --
  • ming ouyang
  • Non-executive directors
  • --
  • shuangzhu wu
  • Director of Enterprise Management
  • --
  • ying shi
  • Independent Non-Executive Director,Audit Committee Members
  • --
  • shanghua zheng
  • Assistant to the Group President
  • --
  • hanyun chen
  • Company Secretary,Authorized Representative
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