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Enterprise mission Adhering to the concept of “health becomes the future”, Haiwang Intron uses modern biotechnology and pharmaceutical technology as an innovation platform to develop cytokine protein therapeutics and preventive biological products, create core competitiveness represented by independent intellectual property product development and specialized marketing capabilities, gradually establish a leading position in the domestic market, and at the same time develop an international strategy. Huge market potential opens up unlimited business opportunities In the past, the level of investment in medical expenses or disease prevention in China was far lower than in developed countries. However, vigorous economic development has improved people's lives, so the focus on health is also higher than before. Coupled with the problem of population aging, domestic demand for medicines has increased dramatically. Furthermore, China's biotechnology is at a level similar to international technology, has a good momentum of development, and the prospects are very optimistic. The company believes that China's biopharmaceutical industry will become more mature, bringing unlimited business opportunities to the company. Grasp technological trends and excellent R&D capabilities Aquaman Interlong has strong scientific research capabilities, and the R&D team has professional knowledge and rich R&D experience. The company has independent research and development capabilities. The pilot plant for R&D meets GMP standards, and each laboratory is equipped with advanced research facilities and testing instruments. The company has also cooperated with many powerful professional biotechnology companies or research institutes and achieved good results. The biotechnology drugs developed and produced by the company have the advantages of low cost, high efficiency, safety and reliability, and have great potential for development. Furthermore, for the core technology of the new product, the company has obtained 1 core technology invention patent, and is currently applying for invention patents for a number of technologies. In the next three years, the company will launch several new products with independent intellectual property rights, and the market prospects are broad. Enjoy brand advantages without fear of market competition Haiwang Intron's products use Haiwang Pharmaceutical's licensed trademark “Haiwang”, which is a well-known trademark in China. The brand has established excellent reputation and popularity in China over the years. The brand advantage helps increase the market's acceptance of the various new drugs introduced by the company in the future, and greatly enhances the company's competitiveness. Strict quality control by outstanding enterprise professionals The company's management has a professional background, rich corporate experience, in-depth understanding of industry development, and looking forward to the company's future direction and strategy. At the same time, they also pay attention to employee training and actively recruit industry professionals. The company knows that product quality is as important as scientific research, and strictly controls quality, so the products have a good reputation in China. The company's current production complies with GMP standards and operating guidelines, and strict product monitoring is implemented. Looking forward to the future, building the future With strong R&D capabilities, professional marketing methods, strict quality control and excellent enterprise management, Haiwang Intron has accumulated rich management experience in China, established a certain level of popularity, and successfully sought considerable market coverage. The company will continue to develop its past, expand the scale of production and enhance its R&D capabilities, combine advanced technology, increase the variety of products, and actively expand its business to overseas markets to achieve future health for mankind.

Revenue Breakdown

Business Unit:CNY
Stock NameRevenueRatio
Production and marketing of drugs407.49M73.35%
Marketing and distribution of medicines and health products148.04M26.65%
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