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The Group's main business is the manufacture and sale of plywood products tailored to customer orders and specifications, including a variety of plywood for different industries. The Group's plywood products can be divided into: (i) ordinary boards, which are used to make wooden furniture for homes and offices; (ii) packaging boards, which are used as packaging materials; (iii) structural boards, which are used for construction; (iv) floor substrates for floors; and (v) other plywood products, such as cement panels for exterior construction. The Group operates manufacturing operations at a leased production base located in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, China. The Group is committed to producing high quality plywood products that meet international industry standards. At the last practical date, the Group obtained Japanese agricultural standard certification for ordinary boards, low-formaldehyde-emitting structural boards, and low-formaldehyde-emitting cement boards in 2008, 2010 and 2014 respectively; and obtained CE certification for wood board factory production control in 2013. CE certification is widely recognized in Europe and is the main indicator that products comply with EU laws. Through this certification, products can flow freely in the European market. After the CE mark is affixed to the product, the manufacturer states that it assumes all responsibility for and has obtained the CE mark and complies with all requirements, thus ensuring that the product concerned can be sold legally within the European Economic Area and Turkey. At the same time, the Group has been evaluated and certified to meet the production and marketing supervision chain requirements relating to “FSC-STD-40-004 V2-1 for purchasing 100% FSC veneers, manufacturing (transfer system) and selling FSC 100% plywood”. The relevant certification was first issued by FSC in 2011/5 and renewed in 2012/6. The Group sells plywood products to customers, mainly (a) trading companies, mainly building materials trading companies and wholesalers; (b) retailers, such as supermarkets, where such customers resell plywood to end users; (c) manufacturers, such as flooring manufacturers and furniture manufacturers; and (d) others, that is, individual customers or corporate end customers. The Group targets and focuses on customers in overseas markets. The main customers are mainly located in Japan, Thailand, South Korea and Hong Kong.

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