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About HOMELAND ITL Company

Hometown Interactive Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading developer and operator of localized mobile board games in China. Its main subsidiary, Hometown Interactive (Xiamen) Network Technology Co., Ltd., has a registered capital of RMB 10 million and has a “Internet Culture Business License” and a “Value-added Telecom Business License”. The company places special emphasis on localizing mahjong and poker games. Most games are recreations of classic games with a long history in the real world, providing the company with a broad and active potential player base. According to the Frost & Sullivan report, the company took the lead among all online localized board game companies in terms of the number of localized editions in 2017. Furthermore, according to the Frost & Sullivan report, the company ranked third among Chinese online localized board game companies based on the coverage and revenue of localized editions in 2017 separately. Hometown interaction will take green, healthy, orderly and impartial as the starting point, and be based on innovation, quality, professionalism and efficiency, to better provide our customers with a safe, reliable, diverse and beautiful picture gaming experience, so that they can enjoy the fun brought by intellectual sports, expand the forms and channels for competitive games while meeting the needs of a wide range of users, and push mass board games to a new level.

Company Profile

Listing Date07/04/2019
Issue Price1.35
Shares Offered314.00M share
RegistrationCayman Islands
ChairmanChengze Wu
SecretaryJieran\jiawen Wu
Audit InstitutionDeloitte & Touche Tohmatsu Certified Public Accountants
Company CategoryOverseas registration of Mainland Individuals control
Registered OfficePO Box 309 Ugland House Grand Cayman KY1-1104 Cayman Islands
Head Office and Principal Place of BusinessRoom 2451, Lee Garden Phase I, 33 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Fiscal Year Ends12-31
MarketHong Kong motherboard
Business Hometown Interactive Technology Co., Ltd. is a Chinese company mainly engaged in the development and operation of online board games. The company offers self-developed games and third-party mobile games. Among them, self-developed mobile games include virtual tokens and private game room cards. The company has a proprietary integrated mobile gaming platform that supports 72 mobile apps, and provides 508 game products, including more than 469 localized mahjong game versions, 34 poker game versions, and 5 casual games developed and operated independently.

Company Executives

  • Name
  • Position
  • Salary
  • Chengze Wu
  • Executive Director,Chairman,Nomination Committee Chairman
  • --
  • Chunlong Ding
  • Executive Director
  • --
  • Yinghao Tang
  • Executive Director
  • --
  • Yuguo Zhang
  • Remuneration Committee Member,Independent Non-Executive Director,Audit Committee Member
  • --
  • Yangyang Hu
  • Audit Committee Chairman,Independent Non-Executive Director,Remuneration Committee Chairman,Nomination Committee Member
  • --
  • Ying Guo
  • Audit Committee Member,Remuneration Committee Member,Nomination Committee Member,Independent Non-Executive Director
  • --
  • Jieran Wu
  • Joint Company Secretary
  • --
  • Wei Li
  • CEO Advisor
  • --
  • Wei Cui
  • CEO
  • --
  • Jiawen Wu
  • Authorized Representative,Joint Company Secretary
  • --
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