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About MEDLIVE Company

Beijing Medical Communication Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996. At the beginning of its establishment, it adhered to the concept of “sincerity, service and innovation” and was committed to developing pharmaceutical tools and software. After several years of hard work, the team strived to develop a “pharmaceutical research and application software series” that is at the leading level in China and fills gaps in China. Currently, this series of software includes the “Dictionary of Complete Medicine”, “Clinical Medication Reference”, “King of Medical Literature”, etc., which have achieved great success in marketing. This series of software has received unanimous praise from relevant Chinese departments and authoritative academic institutions such as the Chinese Pharmaceutical Society. The company founded the “Medical Connect” platform in 2006. Currently, there are more than 3 million registered doctors, and new products such as “Clinical Guidelines”, “EDC System”, and “e-Pulse Radio” have been developed. Beginning in 2008, the company provided digital marketing services to pharmaceutical companies. The service models include e-messenger, e-research, e-pulse, e-academy, eDP, e-statistics, etc., to provide accurate and efficient digital marketing services for pharmaceutical companies. At present, the company has developed into a professional medical information service and accurate digital marketing service provider.

Company Profile

Company NameMEDLIVE
Listing Date07/15/2021
Issue Price27.20
Shares Offered155.10M share
RegistrationCayman Islands
ChairmanLiping Tian
SecretaryYanling\zhuzhuoting Yang
Audit InstitutionErnst & Young
Company CategoryOverseas registration of Mainland Individuals control
Registered OfficePO Box 309 Ugland House Grand CaymanKY1–1104 Cayman Islands
Head Office and Principal Place of Business31st Floor, Tower 2, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Hong Kong
Fiscal Year Ends12-31
MarketHong Kong motherboard
Business Yimaitong Technology Co., Ltd. is a Chinese investment holding company that mainly operates an online professional physician platform. The company operates three business segments. The Precision Marketing and Enterprise Solutions segment includes Precision Marketing Solutions and Enterprise Solutions. Precision marketing solutions include digital marketing, marketing consulting, and content creation services. The benefits of enterprise solutions are mainly software as a service (SaaS). The Medical Knowledge Solutions Division mainly provides professional medical information and medical software services. The Intelligent Patient Management Solutions Division mainly provides online patient consultation and prescription services and patient management services. The company mainly operates in the domestic market.

Company Executives

  • Name
  • Position
  • Salary
  • Liping Tian
  • CEO,Executive Director,Nomination Committee Chairman,Chairman
  • --
  • Lixin Tian
  • President,Executive Director,Director of the Institute of Medical Information Science
  • --
  • Lijun Tian
  • Vice President of the Institute of Medical Informatics,legal representative,VP,Executive Director
  • --
  • Xin Zhou
  • Executive Director,VP
  • --
  • Wuyinger Chui
  • Non-Executive Director
  • --
  • Seyixian Jin
  • Non-Executive Director
  • --
  • Lin Ye
  • Remuneration Committee Chairman,Independent Non-Executive Director,Audit Committee Member,Nomination Committee Member
  • --
  • Jun Ma
  • Remuneration Committee Member,Audit Committee Member,Nomination Committee Member,Independent Non-Executive Director
  • --
  • Shan Wang
  • Remuneration Committee Member,Audit Committee Chairman,Nomination Committee Member,Independent Non-Executive Director
  • --
  • Jiangtao Xin
  • VP
  • --
  • Liancheng Yang
  • VP
  • --
  • Nan Jiang
  • Medical Director, Editor-in-Chief of the Content Team, and Deputy Director of the Institute of Medical Information Science
  • --
  • Juan Liu
  • Assistant to the Chairman,Chief Client Officer
  • --
  • Yanling Yang
  • Joint Company Secretary
  • --
  • Zhuoting Zhu
  • Authorized Representative,Joint Company Secretary
  • --
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