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About SSY GROUP Company

Shishi Pharmaceutical Group Limited is registered in the Cayman Islands and listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2005. The Group mainly manufactures and sells a wide range of drugs, mainly intravenous infusions, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Shijiazhuang Four Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in China. Shijiazhuang Four Medicines was founded in 1948, and its predecessor was a small workshop that produced hygiene materials. Production of intravenous infusion products began in 1968. After more than 60 years of development, it has now become one of the leading enterprises in the intravenous infusion industry in China. It has a single factory with the largest production scale of intravenous infusion products in the world, and can produce hundreds of intravenous infusion products in various packaging formats such as non-PVC standard soft bags, PP plastic bottles, and glass bottles. The products sell well in the national market, and are also the largest exporter of intravenous infusion products in China. The production line of Shijiazhuang Siyao combines the world's most advanced equipment and technology to achieve full automation and full informatization of the production process and logistics process, reaching the international advanced level. Green production with low cost, low energy consumption and zero pollution has obvious advantages. Based on the business philosophy of “caring for the people with quality and integrity as the foundation”, Shijiazhuang Siyao regards quality as life, organizes production in strict accordance with GMP requirements, establishes and implements superhuman service concepts and initiatives, and creates an excellent “Shimen” brand with excellent product quality. The company's social popularity and reputation have risen steadily. The company and its products have received honors such as “Quality Complaint-Free Unit”, “Customer Satisfaction Product”, and “China's Famous Trademark”. The Group is dominated by intravenous infusion products, and also takes into account the development, production and operation of small-volume injections, oral formulations, traditional Chinese medicine preparations and biologics. It is foreseeable that in the near future, these products will also bring important contributions to the company's development.

Revenue Breakdown

Business Currency:HKD
Stock NameRevenueRatio
Intravenous infusion and others3.24B97.30%
Medical materials90.07M2.70%


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