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Multi-dimentional Analyses
Company Valuation Capital Tracking Short Selling Data
01635 Shanghai Dazhong Public Utilities
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5.96% 4.35B 0.90% 3.15B 9.04% 1.98B 12.82% 5.59B
Operating income
4.83% 4.41B 0.90% 3.15B 8.24% 2B 12.82% 5.59B
Cost of sales
-- -- -2.27% -2.62B -- -- -14.74% -4.61B
Operating expenses
-7.09% -3.66B -2.27% -2.62B -11.59% -1.7B -14.74% -4.61B
Gross profit
-5.00% 747.21M -5.30% 537M -7.32% 303.99M 4.55% 976.29M
Selling expenses
-5.38% -175.44M -5.21% -116.85M 0.79% -43.51M 2.22% -212.49M
Administrative expenses
-0.19% -324.4M 39.13% -135.41M 10.84% -90.35M 11.84% -479.6M
Revaluation surplus
11.82% -204.05M -- -- -2.15% -159.44M -- --
-Changes in the fair value of other assets
11.82% -204.05M -- -- -2.15% -159.44M -- --
Impairment and provision
-30.88% -3.39M -- -- 47.38% -2.12M -45.52% -35.83M
-Other impairment is provision
-30.88% -3.39M -- -- 47.38% -2.12M -45.52% -35.83M
Operating interest expense
63.96% -88.45M 4.92% -162.23M -20.70% -80.73M -2.14% -339.49M
Special items of operating profit
-92.25% 42.14M -151.52% -29.73M -255.48% -192.54M -81.56% 112.75M
Operating profit
-101.77% -6.37M -23.07% 92.77M -432.31% -264.7M -94.93% 21.64M
Share of profits of associates
-- -- -154.88% -121.53M -- -- 34.26% 469.47M
Share of profit from joint venture company
-- -- -- -- -- -- 39.29% 2.82M
Special items of earning before tax
-78.25% 1.91M -- -- 205.22% 427.02K -- --
Earning before tax
-101.21% -4.46M -108.41% -28.76M -431.19% -264.28M -36.55% 493.92M
-17.15% -57.9M 13.65% -33.7M -126.73% -3.07M 44.74% -101.75M
After-tax profit from continuing operations
-119.48% -62.36M -120.62% -62.46M -392.88% -267.35M -34.02% 392.18M
Earning after tax
-119.48% -62.36M -120.62% -62.46M -392.88% -267.35M -34.02% 392.18M
Minority profit
-12.94% 85.85M 2.49% 88.29M -16.76% 57.98M 12.27% 88.82M
Profit attributable to shareholders
-166.88% -148.21M -169.52% -150.75M -1,604.39% -325.33M -41.12% 303.36M
Basic earnings per share
-166.84% -0.0502 -171.43% -0.05 -1,609.59% -0.1102 -41.18% 0.1
Diluted earnings per share
-171.43% -0.05 -41.18% 0.1
Currency Unit
Accounting Standards
CAS (2007)IASCAS (2007)IAS
Audit Opinions
------Unqualified Opinion
------Hong Kong Lixin Dehao Accounting firm Co., Ltd.

Q6, Q9, and FY are cumulative quarterly reports: Q6 is the interim report; Q9 is third quarter report; FY is the annual report.

The MOM data from the Quarterly report,MOM=(current period - last period)/last period *100%

Company Overview More
Shanghai Volkswagen Public Utilities (Group) Co., Ltd. was established on December 24, 1991, formerly known as Shanghai Pudong Volkswagen Taxi Co., Ltd., is the first joint-stock company in the taxi industry. The company's shares were officially listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on March 4, 1993 (stock code: 600635). In May 2003, the company changed its name to Shanghai Volkswagen Public Utilities (Group) Co., Ltd. After more than 20 years of development, the company started with the development and opening up of Pudong in Shanghai and took the lead in listing in the transportation enterprise, and developed into an investment holding enterprise with public utilities and financial venture capital. by the end of 2015, the company has total assets of 14.493 billion yuan and net assets of 5.774 billion yuan. The gas industry is the core industry vigorously developed by the "public utility". Shanghai Volkswagen Gas Co., Ltd., a holding company, is a large urban gas operation enterprise integrating gas transmission and distribution, sales and service, accounting for nearly 40% of Shanghai gas sales market. It has nearly 2 million gas users and more than 6000 kilometers of underground gas pipe network. Environmental municipal industry is a rapidly developing industrial plate of "public utility". At present, it has invested in tunnels, highway construction, sewage treatment and other fields, operating Shanghai Xiangyin Road Tunnel, Shanghai Volkswagen Jiading sewage treatment Co., Ltd., Xuzhou Volkswagen Source Environmental Industry Co., Ltd., the core enterprises are Shanghai Volkswagen Environmental Industry Co., Ltd., Shanghai Volkswagen Municipal Development Co., Ltd. Financial venture capital industry is an industry that companies have made great efforts to expand by seizing the historical opportunity of the vigorous development of the capital market in recent years. Has invested in banks, securities, funds, insurance companies, micro-loan companies, proposed listed companies, financial enterprise equity, and so on. The company has four venture capital platforms, including wholly-owned "mass capital", "deep venture capital", "Hangxin investment" and "Xingye venture capital". After years of development, the company's direct investment and venture capital platform has invested and nurtured more than 100 listed enterprises. Since its listing, the company has established a good corporate image. the company is a component of many indexes, such as Dow Jones China Index, Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index, Shanghai 180 Index, Shanghai 180 relative growth Index, Shanghai 180 relative value Index, Shanghai Corporate Governance Index and so on. In recent years, the company has repeatedly won the "Top 100 listed companies reward Taurus Award"; "China's best benefit enterprise (comprehensive category) second"; "Top 10 most socially responsible listed enterprises"; "Shanghai Top 100 Enterprises". And was elected as the executive director of the first council of the China Association of listed companies; the company was honored as the vice chairman of the first council of the Shanghai listed companies Association; and the vice chairman of the fifth council of the Shanghai Federation of Joint-stock companies.
CEO: Guoping Yang
Market: Hong Kong motherboard
Listing Date: 12/05/2016
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