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About BYD COMPANY Company

BYD Co., Ltd. (“BYD” or “the Company”, together with its subsidiaries, collectively the “Group” or the “Group”; stock code: H shares: 01211 (HKD counter); 81211 (RMB counter); A shares: 002594) is mainly engaged in the automobile business, mobile phone parts and assembly business, rechargeable batteries and photovoltaics business, which are mainly new energy vehicles, while actively expanding the urban rail transit business by utilizing its technological advantages. As a pioneer and leader in the global NEV industry, the Group has built a long-term and sustainable core competitive advantage through continuous technological innovation through strong technology accumulation in the fields of power batteries, motors, electronic control, etc., establishing the Group's leading position in the global NEV industry and accelerating the transformation and upgrading process of the global automobile industry. The Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of rechargeable batteries. In the field of consumer batteries, lithium-ion batteries produced by the Group are widely used in various consumer electronics products and new smart products. The main customers include leading consumer electronics manufacturers such as Samsung and Dell, as well as leading global intelligent manufacturers of robotics, such as Covos. In the field of power batteries, the Group has developed highly safe lithium iron phosphate batteries — “blade batteries”, to better solve market safety pain points and accelerate the return of lithium iron phosphate batteries to the mainstream power battery circuit. In the field of energy storage batteries, the Group is making efforts in application fields such as grid energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage, and household energy storage to provide customers with cleaner and more sustainable energy storage solutions. The photovoltaic business is one of the Group's important structures in the field of clean energy. It has a full industrial chain layout, including silicon wafers, batteries, photovoltaic modules, and photovoltaic system applications, opening up all aspects of energy from absorption, storage to application. The Group will actively deploy new technologies and promote continuous product upgrades. As the world's leading platform-based high-end manufacturing manufacturer, the Group provides one-stop services such as new material development, product design and development, component and assembly manufacturing, supply chain management, logistics and after-sales service to world-renowned customers. The products cover diverse market fields such as smart phones, tablets, smart homes, game hardware, drones, Internet of Things, robots, communication equipment, medical and health equipment, etc. The company's high vertical integration capabilities enable the company to provide customers with comprehensive services and respond faster and more efficiently to the changing needs of the market. The urban rail transit business is one of the strategic directions of the Group's future development. With the technology and cost advantages already established in the field of new energy business, the Group has successfully developed high-efficiency, low-cost medium-volume “cloud rail” and low-volume “yumba” products, and cooperated with new energy vehicles to achieve three-dimensional coverage of urban public transportation. While helping cities resolve traffic congestion and air pollution, the Group's long-term and sustainable development has been achieved.

Company Profile

Listing Date07/31/2002
Issue Price10.95
Shares Offered130.00M share
ChairmanChuanfu Wang
SecretaryQian Li
Audit InstitutionErnst & Young (Special General Partnership)
Company CategoryMainland registration of Mainland Individuals control
Registered OfficeNo.1 Yan'an Road, Kwai Chong Street, Dapeng District, Shenzhen
Head Office and Principal Place of BusinessRoom 1712, 17th floor, New Town Central Plaza Phase II, 138 Shatin Rural Affairs Wui Road, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong
Fiscal Year Ends12-31
MarketHong Kong motherboard
Business Production and sales of lithium-ion batteries and other batteries, chargers, electronic products, instruments, flexible circuit boards, hardware products, liquid crystal displays, mobile phone spare parts, molds, plastic products and related accessories; R&D, production and sales of 3D glasses and GPS navigation products; import and export of goods and technology (excluding distribution, national exclusive control products); as the general dealer of BYD brand passenger cars and electric vehicles of BYD Automobile Co., Ltd., engaged in the marketing, wholesale and export of passenger cars and electric vehicles of the above brands, providing after-sales service; battery management systems, converters Sales of inverter cabinets/devices, confluence boxes, switch cabinets, and energy storage units; R&D and sales of key components for new energy vehicles and development and sales of key parts and components of these components; rail transit equipment (including rail transit vehicles, construction machinery, various types of mechanical and electrical equipment, electronic equipment and components, electronic and electrical components, rail traffic signal systems, communications and integrated monitoring systems and equipment), by product (not involving state-owned trade management products, involving quotas, license management and other special management) by country, by product Application processing for relevant regulations); R&D, design and sales of rail beams; leasing of own properties (the property is located in BYD Industrial Park, No. 1 Yan'an Road, Kwai Chung Street, Dapeng District, and in BYD Industrial Park, 3001 Baohe Road, Baolong Industrial City, Longgang Street, Longgang District); advertising design, production, agency and publishing; information and technical consulting, technical services.

Company Executives

  • Name
  • Position
  • Salary
  • Chuanfu Wang
  • Executive Director,Remuneration Committee Member,Strategy Committee Chairman,President,Nomination Committee Member,Authorized Representative,Chairman
  • 6.15M
  • Xiangyang Lv
  • Nomination Committee Member,Non-Executive Director,Vice Chairman,Strategy Committee Member
  • 200.00K
  • Zuoquan Xia
  • Audit Committee Member,Strategy Committee Member,Non-Executive Director,Remuneration Committee Member
  • 200.00K
  • Hongping Cai
  • Strategy Committee Member,Independent Non-Executive Director,Nomination Committee Member,Audit Committee Member,Remuneration Committee Chairman
  • --
  • Min Zhang
  • Nomination Committee Member,Audit Committee Chairman,Strategy Committee Member,Independent Non-Executive Director,Remuneration Committee Member
  • --
  • Ling Yu
  • Nomination Committee Chairman,Independent Non-Executive Director,Audit Committee Member,Remuneration Committee Member
  • --
  • Aiyun Zhu
  • Supervisor
  • --
  • Yongzhao Li
  • Independent Supervisor
  • 100.00K
  • Jiangfeng Huang
  • Shareholders' representatives and supervisors
  • --
  • Zhen Wang
  • Supervisor,General Manager of Human Resources
  • 3.58M
  • Mei Tang
  • Deputy Director of the President's Office,Employee representative supervisor
  • 1.35M
  • Ke Li
  • Executive VP
  • --
  • Yubo Lian
  • Executive VP
  • --
  • Hongbin Luo
  • VP
  • --
  • Zhiqi He
  • Chief Operating Officer, Passenger Vehicle Business Group,VP
  • --
  • Long He
  • VP
  • --
  • Huanming Liu
  • VP,General Manager of the Third Division of Rail Business
  • --
  • Chuanfang Wang
  • VP,General Manager of Division 22,General Manager of Logistics
  • --
  • Lin Ren
  • General Manager of Business Division 21,VP
  • --
  • Jie Wang
  • CEO of Commercial Vehicle Business Group,VP
  • --
  • Yalin Zhou
  • VP,Finance Director
  • --
  • Dongsheng Yang
  • Director of the Research Institute for Product Planning and New Automotive Technology,VP
  • --
  • Qian Li
  • Company Secretary,Company Secretary,Authorized Representative,General Manager of the Investment Department
  • --
  • Jingsheng Wu
  • counselor
  • --
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