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Multi-dimentional Analyses
Company Valuation Capital Tracking Short Selling Data
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11.35% 475.87M 1.15% 1.43B 1.58% 427.37M 5.95% 1.41B
Operating income
11.35% 475.87M 1.15% 1.43B 1.58% 427.37M 5.95% 1.41B
Operating expenses
-11.70% -301.72M -0.04% -917.16M -5.73% -270.11M -4.70% -916.78M
Gross profit
10.74% 174.15M 3.21% 509.61M -4.84% 157.25M 8.34% 493.79M
Selling expenses
-1.08% -53.74M -9.76% -137.84M -8.10% -53.17M -7.32% -125.59M
Administrative expenses
-27.05% -45.53M -11.03% -128.61M -14.52% -35.84M -15.32% -115.83M
Research and development expenses
-8.11% -32.63M -22.57% -122.88M -17.91% -30.19M -24.55% -100.25M
Impairment and provision
-496.00% -3.91M -406.59% -122.3M 104.39% 987.66K 26.71% -24.14M
-Other impairment is provision
-496.00% -3.91M -406.59% -122.3M 104.39% 987.66K 26.71% -24.14M
Operating interest expense
110.70% 10.62M 173.70% 10.57M 9.28% 5.04M 47.75% 3.86M
Special items of operating profit
-233.55% -1.49M 62.18% 39.45M 139.28% 1.12M -10.51% 24.32M
Operating profit
4.99% 47.46M -69.26% 48M 17.65% 45.21M 0.96% 156.16M
Special items of earning before tax
12.28% -1.18M -87.47% -2.36M -412.19% -1.35M 47.48% -1.26M
Earning before tax
5.52% 46.28M -70.54% 45.64M 14.93% 43.86M 1.72% 154.89M
4.27% -6.95M 10.44% -15.78M -2.02% -7.26M -7.00% -17.62M
After-tax profit from continuing operations
7.46% 39.33M -78.25% 29.86M 17.89% 36.6M 1.08% 137.28M
Earning after tax
7.46% 39.33M -78.25% 29.86M 17.89% 36.6M 1.08% 137.28M
Minority profit
112.42% 5.08M 17.63% 11.51M 17.84% 2.39M 19.99% 9.79M
Profit attributable to shareholders
0.12% 34.25M -85.61% 18.35M 17.90% 34.21M -0.12% 127.49M
Basic earnings per share
0.00% 0.0118 -86.36% 0.006 18.00% 0.0118 0.00% 0.044
Diluted earnings per share
Currency Unit
Accounting Standards
CAS (2007)CAS (2007)CAS (2007)CAS (2007)
Audit Opinions
--Unqualified Opinion--Unqualified Opinion
--Zhitong (Hong Kong) Certified Public Accountants Limited--Zhitong (Hong Kong) Certified Public Accountants Limited

Q6, Q9, and FY are cumulative quarterly reports: Q6 is the interim report; Q9 is third quarter report; FY is the annual report.

The MOM data from the Quarterly report,MOM=(current period - last period)/last period *100%

Company Overview More
Capital Information Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: capital Information), founded in January 1998, is a state-owned backbone enterprise in the field of e-government in Beijing. The company was listed on the gem of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2001 and transferred to the main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HK.1075) in 2011. Capital Information is committed to creating a "leading smart city and data industry operator", innovating to form a "one core, two sets, four regions" main business pattern, relying on rich experience in government informatization services and resource advantages in the capital, has long been the e-government system of Beijing. Medical insurance and social security card system, housing provident fund system, air quality monitoring system, community service information system, points settlement information system, etc., provide continuous, reliable and stable information technology services. Has undertaken and completed the construction, operation and maintenance of a number of major information application projects in Beijing and even the whole country. Provide systematic guarantee in Beijing Olympic Games, APEC Summit, Belt and Road Initiative Forum for International Cooperation, National and Beijing two sessions, 19th CPC National Congress, Beijing Summit of Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, Beijing Marathon, Asian Civilization Dialogue Conference, Expo, celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, 100th anniversary of the founding of Communist Party of China, Beijing Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Actively participated in the information construction of the administrative office district of the city deputy center, the construction of Xiongan New area and the preparation for the Winter Olympic Games, and established a state-owned information technology enterprise image of "political, responsible and trustworthy". As a well-known smart city operation service provider in China, Capital Information is a key software enterprise and high-tech enterprise in the National Planning Bureau. It has the Certificate of Excellence in Information system Construction and Service (CS4), the Certificate of International Software maturity (CMMI5), the Certificate of Design, Construction and maintenance capability (Class 1) of Security Engineering Enterprises, the highest level 1 certification certificate of information technology service standard ITSS and the compliance certificate of cloud computing service standard. It has four municipal key laboratories such as Beijing Network Multimedia Laboratory, Beijing Internet of things Technology and system Engineering Technology Research Center recognized by Beijing Science and Technology Commission, Beijing Engineering Laboratory of Intelligent Health Pension Industry Internet Technology recognized by Beijing Development and Reform Commission, and Beijing Enterprise Technology Center recognized by Beijing Economic and Information Bureau. And two municipal bases identified by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission as the international cooperation base for the introduction of high-end foreign experts and the Beijing international science and technology cooperation base for Internet cloud applications. The company has also set up three cutting-edge technology laboratories: AI (artificial Intelligence) Laboratory, big data Research Center and Block chain Research Center. After more than 20 years of development, Capital Information has more than 1800 employees, 6 holding companies, 3 shareholding companies and 12 branches, covering government, medical, livelihood, finance and other fields. Successively won the top ten leading enterprises of IT service in China, the leading brand of Internet in China, the preferred service provider of informatization in China, and the top ten innovative enterprises in China (IT service). China (IT) Top Ten Integrity Brands, China Cloud Computing Innovation Enterprises, China Top 100 solution Merchants, China Government Informatization Program case Innovation Award, China IT Service Innovation Unit Award, China E-Government Outstanding supplier, Beijing Science and Technology third Class Award, Hong Kong Stock Brand value Top 100, data Intelligence Ecology Top 100, Beijing Software and Information Service Comprehensive strength 100 Enterprises, ITSS successful Application case Award and many other awards and honors It was successfully selected into the China E-Government Yearbook.
CEO: Donghui Yu
Market: Hong Kong motherboard
Listing Date: 12/21/2001
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