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000876 New Hope Liuhe

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About New Hope Liuhe Company

The company was founded in 1982 and is a modern private enterprise group whose main business is modern agriculture, animal husbandry and food industries. Over the course of 40 years of entrepreneurship, it has always been based on the agricultural and animal husbandry industry and has continued to expand upward and downstream industries, and has developed into one of the largest comprehensive suppliers of meat, eggs, and milk in China. Ranked 363rd in the 2023 Fortune 500 list. The main business is feed, pig breeding and slaughter. The company's main products in the feed industry include pig feed, poultry feed, fish feed, etc.; the main products in the pig industry include breeding pigs and commercial pigs; the poultry industry mainly includes breeding poultry, commercial poultry, poultry slaughter, etc.; food mainly includes livestock slaughter, deep processing of meat products, central kitchen, etc. The company was also recognized by the “National Accredited Enterprise Technology Center” and the National Laboratory CNAS. More than 60 technical achievements have received awards at the provincial ministry level or above, and 6 of these innovative technologies have won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award. Some of its subsidiaries have passed “ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification”, “ISO22000 Food Safety Management System Certification”, “GAP Good Agricultural Practice Certification”, and “HACCP Food Safety Management System Certification”.

Company Profile

Short Name-A新希望
Company NameNew Hope Liuhe Co.,Ltd
Listing DateMar 11, 1998
Issue Price6.90
Shares Offered40.00M share(s)
FoundedMar 4, 1998
Listed ExchangeSZ Stock Exchange
Legal Representativechang liu
General Managerminggui zhang
Secretaryjia lan
Accounting FirmSichuan Huaxin (Group) Accounting Firm (Special General Partnership)
Securities Representativexubo bai
Legal CounselBeijing Zhonglun (Chengdu) Law Firm
Office AddressNo. 376 Jinshi Road, Jinjiang Industrial Park, Chengdu, Sichuan
Zip Code610063
Registered AddressMianyang National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Sichuan
Business License510000000072738
BusinessLicensed business projects: Production and processing of compound feed, concentrated feed, and concentrate supplements (limited to branch operations) (the above projects and periods are subject to the license). General business projects (the following scope does not include pre-license projects; post-license projects are operated on the basis of licenses or approval documents): cultivation of grains and other crops; breeding of livestock; breeding of pigs; breeding of poultry; wholesale and retail of goods; import and export business; project investment and management (not to engage in financial activities such as illegal fund-raising or absorption of public funds); science and technology exchange and promotion services.

Company Executives

  • Name
  • Position
  • Salary
  • chang liu
  • Chairman,directors
  • 2.24M
  • minggui zhang
  • Executive Chairman,directors,President
  • 1.62M
  • yonghao liu
  • directors
  • 1.08M
  • jianxiong li
  • directors
  • --
  • hang wang
  • directors
  • --
  • jiafen wang
  • Independent directors
  • 200.00K
  • manli cai
  • Independent directors
  • 200.00K
  • huanchun chen
  • Independent directors
  • 200.00K
  • jia lan
  • Board Secretary,Chief Strategic Investment Officer
  • 1.08M
  • xubo bai
  • Securities affairs representative
  • --
  • zhigang xu
  • Chairman of the Supervisory Board,Shareholder Supervisors
  • 576.70K
  • qiubo yan
  • VP
  • 558.80K
  • shuang li
  • VP
  • 1.03M
  • xingyao chen
  • VP,Chief Financial Officer
  • 1.39M
  • yuling tao
  • VP,Executive President
  • 1.54M
  • pusong wang
  • Director of Investment Development
  • 997.60K
  • peilin duan
  • Employee supervisors
  • 390.90K
  • yongxiu wang
  • Employee supervisors
  • 72.50K


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