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About BANK OF E ASIA Company

The Bank of East Asia Limited (“Bank of East Asia”) was founded in 1918 as a leading financial services group in Hong Kong, China. Total consolidated assets as at 31 December 2021 amounted to HK$907.47 billion (US$116.39 billion). The Bank has always been committed to serving customers in Greater China and other regions, providing comprehensive corporate banking, personal banking, wealth management and investment services to meet clients' financial needs. The company is one of the banks with the largest retail network in Hong Kong, China. The branches provide comprehensive services, and have Xianzhuo Wealth Management Center and Xianzhuo Private Banking Center specially designed for high-end customers. In addition, the Bank has also set up i-banking centers in different regions to provide customers with longer business hours and convenient and innovative services. The Bank of East Asia (China) Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bank, is one of the largest foreign-funded banks in the mainland network, with branches in 38 cities in the mainland. The Bank has around 150 branches around the world, and operates throughout Southeast Asia, the United Kingdom and the United States. The Group currently employs over 8,000 people worldwide. Furthermore, the Bank has further refined its scope of business through group subsidiaries to provide customers with comprehensive and appropriate solutions to meet the needs of a growing customer base. Blue Cross (Asia Pacific) Insurance Co., Ltd. expands the insurance business for the Group, underwriting general insurance products, so that individual and corporate customers can enjoy comprehensive protection. The Bank of East Asia Group has always strived to be a positive and positive driving force in the communities it serves to promote long-term sustainable development. The Group integrates social, environmental, ethical, employee and customer considerations into the Group's business and operations to meet the interests of other stakeholders in the Group and the wider community. For more information about the Bank of East Asia, please visit the nearest Bank of East Asia branch or visit the Bank's website:

Company Profile

Company NameBANK OF E ASIA
RegistrationHong Kong, China
ChairmanGuobao Li
SecretaryChunde Luo
Audit InstitutionKPMG
Company CategoryOther
Registered Office10 des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong, China
Head Office and Principal Place of Business10 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong
Fiscal Year Ends12-31
MarketHong Kong motherboard
Business The Bank of East Asia Limited is a company mainly engaged in banking business. The company operates through nine divisions. The Mainland business segment mainly includes logistics units supporting mainland business in Hong Kong, all subsidiaries and associated companies operating in the Mainland, but does not include subsidiaries operating in the Mainland that operate data processing and other logistics support Hong Kong operations in the Mainland. The Corporate Banking segment is mainly engaged in corporate loans and syndicated loans, asset financing, commercial loans, securities business loans, and financial trade business with bank agents and enterprises in the global industry. The Personal Banking Division is mainly engaged in branch operations, personal electronic network banking, consumer loans, mortgage loans and personal credit cards. The International Business Division includes logistics units supporting international banking in Hong Kong. All branches operating overseas include Macau and Taiwan, subsidiaries and associated companies. The Treasury Markets segment is mainly engaged in treasury operations and securities trading. The Wealth Management Division mainly provides private banking services and investment products and consulting services. The Central Operations Division mainly provides business logistics services. The Corporate Management Division bears the supervisory capital costs of the Bank's issuance of loan capital and obtains interest income from Hong Kong operations funded by the Bank's issuance of capital instruments. Other business segments are mainly engaged in insurance business, trust business, securities and futures brokerage, corporate financial consulting, and logistics services.

Company Executives

  • Name
  • Position
  • Salary
  • Guobao Li
  • Executive Chairman,Nomination Committee Member,Chairman,Executive Director
  • 20.00M
  • Guozhang Li
  • Remuneration Committee Member,Vice Chairman,Nomination Committee Member,Non-Executive Director
  • 600.00K
  • Zixin Huang
  • Risk Committee Member,Nomination Committee Chairman,Independent Non-Executive Director,Vice Chairman,Remuneration Committee Member,Audit Committee Member
  • 900.00K
  • Guoxing Li
  • Non-Executive Director,Risk Management Committee Member
  • 600.00K
  • Youli Luo
  • Non-Executive Director
  • 400.00K
  • Guoshi Li
  • Non-Executive Director
  • 400.00K
  • Minqiao Li
  • Co-Chief Executive,Executive Director
  • 20.00M
  • Minbin Li
  • Co-Chief Executive,Executive Director
  • 19.90M
  • Yongguang Huang
  • Risk Management Committee Member,Non-Executive Director
  • 600.00K
  • Zhengzhi Ao
  • Non-Executive Director,Nomination Committee Member
  • 500.00K
  • Xulitai Fan
  • Remuneration Committee Chairman,Independent Non-Executive Director,Nomination Committee Member
  • 600.00K
  • Guorong Li
  • Risk Management Committee Member,Independent Non-Executive Director,Audit Committee Chairman
  • 1.20M
  • Yingnian Tang
  • Independent Non-Executive Director,Audit Committee Member,Chairman of the Risk Committee,Remuneration Committee Member,Nomination Committee Member
  • 1.00M
  • Guoben Li
  • Nomination Committee Member,Risk Management Committee Member,Independent Non-Executive Director,Audit Committee Member
  • 900.00K
  • Jiaju Du
  • Independent Non-Executive Director,Risk Committee Members,Audit Committee Member
  • 800.00K
  • Deyang Meng
  • Nomination Committee Member,Remuneration Committee Member,Independent Non-Executive Director
  • 600.00K
  • Francisco Javier SERRADO TREPAT
  • Nomination Committee Member,Non-Executive Director
  • 500.00K
  • Jichang Li
  • Deputy Chief Executive,Director of Investment
  • --
  • Hancheng Tang
  • COO,Deputy Chief Executive
  • --
  • Lixian Fan
  • assessor
  • --
  • Chunde Luo
  • Company Secretary
  • --
  • Zizheng Chen
  • Senior Adviser
  • --
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