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Henderson Land Limited was founded by Dr. Lee Shau Kei in 1976. It is currently a property development group with leading positions in Hong Kong and the Mainland. Its core business includes property development and property investment. In addition, the Company also directly owns stock interests in two listed subsidiaries, namely Henderson Development Co., Ltd. and Miramar Hotel Enterprise Co., Ltd., and two listed joint ventures, namely Hong Kong China Gas Co., Ltd. (which holds a share interest in a listed subsidiary, Ganghua Smart Energy Co., Ltd.) and Hong Kong Ferry (Group) Limited. Since it was listed in Hong Kong in 1981, the company has since developed into one of the largest real estate developers in Hong Kong. As of December 31, 2021, the market value of the Company was HK$161 billion. Together with its listed subsidiaries and associated companies, the total market value was approximately HK$4,201 billion. The company operates in a vertically integrated manner and supports its core business with project management, construction, property management and financial services. All of Henderson Land's businesses are committed to providing the highest quality products, the most satisfactory service, and the best meeting the needs of environmental protection and sustainable development, so as to enhance value for shareholders, customers and the public.

Company Profile

RegistrationHong Kong, China
ChairmanJiacheng;jiajie Li
SecretaryXiangyuan Liao
Audit InstitutionKPMG
Company CategoryOther
Registered Office72F, international financial centre phase II, 8 financial street, central, Hong Kong, China
Head Office and Principal Place of Business72-76th Floor, IFC Phase II, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong
Fiscal Year Ends12-31
MarketHong Kong motherboard
Business Henderson Land Development Co., Ltd. is an investment holding company mainly engaged in real estate development. The company operates through five divisions. The Property Development Division engages in the development and sale of properties. The Property Leasing segment engages in property leasing. The department store business segment is engaged in the operation and management of department stores. Other business segments are engaged in hotel operations and management, construction works, provision of financial loans, investment holdings, project management, property management, agency services, cleaning and security services, and trade in construction materials and sale of leased land. The Utilities and Energy Division is engaged in the production, transmission and sale of gas and the operation of water supply and emerging environmental energy businesses.

Company Executives

  • Name
  • Position
  • Salary
  • Jiajie Li
  • Managing Director,Remuneration Committee Member,Nomination Committee Member,Co-Chairman,Executive Director
  • 23.20M
  • Jiacheng Li
  • Co-Chairman,Nomination Committee Member,Managing Director,Executive Director,Remuneration Committee Member
  • 23.20M
  • Gaoyan Lin
  • Executive Director,Authorized Representative,Nomination Committee Member,Vice Chairman,Remuneration Committee Member
  • 32.28M
  • Zhaoji Li
  • Executive Director
  • 21.60M
  • Yingzhi Ye
  • Executive Director
  • 24.89M
  • Lihuanqiong Feng
  • Executive Director
  • 11.19M
  • Binghao Guo
  • Executive Director
  • 7.34M
  • Guolin Sun
  • Executive Director
  • 16.12M
  • Haoming Huang
  • Executive Director,General Manager of Real Estate Development
  • 26.99M
  • Xiaozhong Feng
  • Executive Director,chief financial officer
  • 15.98M
  • Wangpeiling Li
  • Non-Executive Director
  • 150.00K
  • Zhiqiang Kuang
  • Audit Committee Chairman,Nomination Committee Member,Independent Non-Executive Director,Remuneration Committee Member
  • 1.05M
  • Bingqiang Gao
  • Nomination Committee Member,Independent Non-Executive Director,Remuneration Committee Member,Audit Committee Member
  • 950.00K
  • Jingchang Hu
  • Nomination Committee Chairman,Remuneration Committee Chairman,Audit Committee Member,Independent Non-Executive Director
  • 950.00K
  • Jiabiao Hu
  • Independent Non-Executive Director
  • 250.00K
  • Zongguang Pan
  • Independent Non-Executive Director
  • 350.00K
  • Zhaoji Ou
  • Remuneration Committee Member,Independent Non-Executive Director,Nomination Committee Member,Audit Committee Member
  • 2.05M
  • Huiwei Yu
  • General Manager of Real Estate Planning (1)
  • --
  • Wenxiang Guo
  • General Manager of Real Estate Planning (2) Department
  • --
  • Jinliang Liang
  • General Manager of Real Estate Planning
  • --
  • Yonghao Huang
  • General Manager of Construction
  • --
  • Zhuhui Chen
  • General Manager of Engineering
  • --
  • Wenhua Huang
  • Senior General Manager of Sales
  • --
  • Damin Lin
  • General Manager of Sales (1) Department
  • --
  • Jiahui Han
  • General Manager of Sales (II) Department
  • --
  • Peiwen Li
  • Senior General Manager of Group Leasing
  • --
  • Baoxin Jiang
  • Senior General Manager of Leasing
  • --
  • Jingen Li
  • Senior Deputy General Manager of the Leasing Department
  • --
  • Ning Li
  • Executive Director of Henderson Land Development Limited
  • --
  • Jianrong Huang
  • Group Adviser
  • --
  • Zhengren Yu
  • Advisor to the Chairman's Office
  • --
  • Jingyu Li
  • Senior Executive
  • --
  • Xiangyuan Liao
  • Company Secretary,Authorized Representative
  • --
  • Yongji Huang
  • General Manager of Accounting Department
  • --
  • Xuefang Yan
  • General Manager of Corporate Communications
  • --
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