12 Information Technology Stocks Moving In Wednesday's After-Market Session

Benzinga ·  10/26/2023 05:31

GainersImpinj (NASDAQ:PI) shares increased by 18.4% to $58.8 during Wednesday's after-market session. The company's market cap stands at $1.5 billion. As per the news, the Q3 earnings report came out today. Flex (NASDAQ:FLEX) shares increased by 9.5% to $25.45. Today's trading volume for this security ended up closing at 431.1K shares, which is 12.5 percent of its average volume over the last 100 days. The company's market cap stands at $11.3 billion. The company's, Q2 earnings came out today. CalAmp (NASDAQ:CAMP) shares increased by 7.29% to $0.25. The company's market cap stands at $9.4 million. Soluna Holdings (NASDAQ:SLNH) shares increased by 6.93% to $3.24. The

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