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    $Lendlease Reit (JYEU.SG)$ lendlease dividend why not credited? anyone know?
    $Mapletree Ind Tr(ME8U.SG)$
    Clean up your fishing gears and prepare for fishing trips...."
    Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell suggested the central bank is getting close to the confidence it needs to start lowering interest rates."
    Rates sensitive Reits  and Property stocks will start to move when rates cut begins...
    $Keppel DC Reit(AJBU.SG)$ $UOL(U14.SG)$ $CapitaLandInvest(9CI.SG)$ $Lendlease Reit(JYEU.SG)$ $CapLand India T(CY6U.SG)$ $FRASERS HOSPITALITY TRUST(ACV.SG)$ $FRASERS PROPERTY LIMITED(TQ5.SG)$ $CapLand Ascendas REIT(A17U.SG)$
    None of my Posts are me trying to Show Off!! Just wanted to get that point across!!
    My Posts are only trying to teach the “Newer” Option traders different techniques to Profit!!
    Most New Option Traders will LOSE ALL OF THEIR MONEY! It’s a Fact!!
    The reason is because Most will not take the time to Study Options for a few months before they place a Real Options trade!
    And they DEFINITELY DO NOT practice what they learn by “Paper trading” on Brokers that have Options Paper trades!
    Many New traders see the RIDICULOUSLY HUGE PROFIT that many are making and they want the same Profits! So instead of Studying Options, they Jump right in without a Clue how Options work!!
    ALWAYS STUDY and Paper Trade for a few months before you ever place a Real trade!!
    It takes a Long time to get familiar with how Options work and like I stated…. Most will Lose All of their money!!
    I showed a “Calendar” Call Debit Spread trade I did earlier but wanted to show a “Diagonal” Debit Spread…….
    I bought a few of the 12/21/22 $200 Calls and I sold a few of the 12/07/22 $210 Calls!
    I paid $71 for each Spread!
    As you can see …. both of my Legs are dropping in Value! But THETA is hurting my Legs that I sold because they are further OTM and they also Exp a few weeks earlier than the Call I bought (which are closer ATM and Exp 2 weeks later)!
    Even though both Legs are dropping, I am in Profit (not by much but Profit is Profit)!
    I usually sell some once I’m in Profit! I don’t hold onto my Options very Long! I’ve learned the Hard way MILTIPLE times by Not taking Profit when I should have!
    Diagonal Call Debit Spreads
    $Vinco Ventures(BBIG.US)$ What's happening 😭😭😭
    On the fourth Thursday in November every year, we gather with our families, eat turkey, watch football and gear up for Black Friday. 
    Thanksgiving is a time for food, friends and family. It's also a time to pause, reflect on our lives and think about what we're thankful for.
    The question we want to ask you on this Thanksgiving day is--What are you grateful for during your investing journey? Is it your supporting family? Your investing pals? Your profittable stock? A book you read? Maybe a guru? The list goes on and on. There are so many things that we appreciate and feel grateful deep down in our heart. Why don't you take this chance to say a big thank-you now!? Join the topic discussion #For this, I am grateful and get rewards!
    Say thanks to your "tendies"
    What stocks are you most thankful for this year? Or on the contrary, which stocks teach you a lesson? Be it success or setback, there's always a reason for us to be grateful because it made us grow stonger and become more experienced in investing.
    Be grateful for your supporting family and friends
    Trading or investing is never an easy job. Thankfully, our family or friends provides emotional support during challenging time, encouragement along investing life's twists and turns, and the comfort of being understood and accepted for what you want to do with life.
    Appreciate "strangers" that give a helping hand
    Do you have a guru that guides you at the beginning of your investing journey? Do you find any book that's helpful for you to make a decision? There are countless online lessons and books you can turn to when you are at a loss. Which one do you want to express your thanks to?
    Don't forget to thank yourself
    By the time we decided to invest and started to learn from the ground up, we made a brave decision and hard choice. Don't forget that we are a courageous man/ woman and we should feel thankful for that.
    All the things money can’t buy: No matter how your portfolio or individual stock does, it’s important to remember that the best things in life are free. Holidays and spending time with family tends to prove that to us, and it’s something we should be thankful for every day, no matter what the market is doing.
    Share your blessings and get reward now!
    5 best posts will get 1,888 points;
    10 featured posts will get 888 points;
    All participants will get 88 points.
    Duration: Now – Nov. 29, 11:59 PM (ET)
    1. Only relevant posts and those add topic #For this, I am grateful count. (Please post under the topic.)
    2. Minimum word requirement: 50 words
    3. Winners will be announced on Dec. 2nd.
    Thank you, and best of luck to all of our trading or investing endeavors. Do forget to attach a picture of your thanksgiving dinner while joining the the topic here #For this, I am grateful
    For This, I am Grateful
    $Phunware(PHUN.US)$ Can you return to 6 or more this month
    $Lucid Group(LCID.US)$ I know there will be a day when the original shares and options are already in hand 💥
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    $Lucid Group(LCID.US)$
    im never letting you go. you are legandary to me.
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    $Creatd(CRTD.US)$ Back to the same