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For this, I am grateful
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For This, I am Grateful

TrickTrick On the fourth Thursday in November every year, we gather with our families, eat turkey, watch football and gear up for Black Friday. 
Thanksgiving is a time for food, friends and family. It's also a time to pause, reflect on our lives and think about what we're thankful for. LaughLaugh
The question we want to ask you on this Thanksgiving day is--What are you grateful for during your investing journey? Is it your supporting family? Your investing pals? Your profittable stock? A book you read? Maybe a guru? The list goes on and on. There are so many things that we appreciate and feel grateful deep down in our heart. Why don't you take this chance to say a big thank-you now!? CommandoCommandoJoin the topic discussion #For this, I am grateful and get rewards!
For This, I am Grateful
PartyPartySay thanks to your "tendies"

What stocks are you most thankful for this year? Or on the contrary, which stocks teach you a lesson? Be it success or setback, there's always a reason for us to be grateful because it made us grow stonger and become more experienced in investing.

DroolDroolBe grateful for your supporting family and friends

Trading or investing is never an easy job. Thankfully, our family or friends provides emotional support during challenging time, encouragement along investing life's twists and turns, and the comfort of being understood and accepted for what you want to do with life.

HeartHeartAppreciate "strangers" that give a helping hand

Do you have a guru that guides you at the beginning of your investing journey? Do you find any book that's helpful for you to make a decision? There are countless online lessons and books you can turn to when you are at a loss. Which one do you want to express your thanks to?

Let Me SeeLet Me SeeDon't forget to thank yourself

By the time we decided to invest and started to learn from the ground up, we made a brave decision and hard choice. Don't forget that we are a courageous man/ woman and we should feel thankful for that.

RoseRoseAll the things money can’t buy: No matter how your portfolio or individual stock does, it’s important to remember that the best things in life are freeHeartHeart. Holidays and spending time with family tends to prove that to us, and it’s something we should be thankful for every day, no matter what the market is doing.

PartyPartyShare your blessings and get reward now!PartyParty

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Thank you, and best of luck to all of our trading or investing endeavors. Do forget to attach a picture of your thanksgiving dinner while joining the the topic here #For this, I am grateful
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  • GoldenGold : I think gratitude is a very positive attitude towards life, and the beauty of friends deserves our gratitude.

  • Moomoo EventOP GoldenGold: Well said! We should always express our gratitude to those we love and feel thankful for.

  • lusy bubb : Share the joy of Thanksgiving with everyone and thank God for his grace, which is also the meaning of Thanksgiving.

  • iromeolust : I am thankful for everyday waking up to hear my heartbeat and the oxygen I breath. to still have my parents around and loving souls in my life. for work that I have and clothes on my back the food I eat and a couple of dollars that accompanied my wallet. thank you moo-moo.

  • 101526719 : I am grateful to my wife for giving me full support while I was jobless for 6 months… without her, I might not get back to lead a better life now.

  • 谷神巴菲特菲巴 : Thanks momo

  • MeshiaHurst : alot lol

  • mcstiner : grateful for many things especially my fanily

  • 101801531 AT : A time to reflect and give thanks for the things & people we often take for granted.  Give thanks with a grateful

  • simplyZuan : my booster jabLaugh

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