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          I'm so interested

          As the saying goes, no rules don't make a square circle. The same should be true when trading stocks. Everything is predetermined, and nothing is foregone. A detailed trading plan allows us to discover and avoid some potential risks and maximize our benefits as much as possible. Without a trading plan, a hot-headed person like me would easily be emotionally controlled, buy or sell stocks, and then regret it.
          As for how to make a trading plan, and have always found your favorite stocks, you can refer to some questions you might be interested in:
          1. What are my trading goals. This is very important. My goal is a long-term meal ticket, so that I can receive an income of 2,000 US dollars a month before I reach old age. This determines my trading direction. Most of my time and capital should be placed in dividend stocks and stable stocks.
          2. What is my target industry. If I want to achieve my ultimate goal of a long-term meal ticket, it is inevitable to choose a stable industry. Stocks that can achieve stable dividends and have stable development are basically determined to be REITs and ETFs with good dividends. REITs in Singapore are quite an insured type of investment, and the dividends are also good.
          I also bought some US stocks with good dividends. For example, I have 150 shares $Guggenheim Strategic Opportunity (GOF) $ and 100 shares $Ellington Mortgage REIT (EARN) $ ...
          I'm so interested

          Pin bar

          Take a look at 👀 this stock candlestick chart of a major pharmacy in Kyushu. How many Pin Bars are connected, is it still going to drop 📉?
          It's already falling down so miserable 😭
          Pin bar
          Pin bar

          You can enter

          watch$Novo-Nordisk A/S(NVO.US)$
          The trend of this stock is moving all the way up. There has not been any major retracement in the past 4 years. From this alone, we can know that the fundamentals of this stock will not be any worse. However, we still need to figure out what exactly they are using to climb steadily, step by step.
          Then, you can proceed with the operation

          Buy your favorite stocks at a slightly cheaper price

          I sell Put because I want to buy my favorite stocks at a slightly cheaper price. Today, PLTR executives sold the shares they held, which caused the stock to drop sharply. The volatility of PLTR options increased dramatically. I decided to sell 2 puts with an exercise price of 13 yuan.
          I don't think the fundamentals of PLTR have changed, and there are no issues of principle. If it's just because executives are selling stocks, then this isn't a big deal. Currently the stock is 14.8, and I have released the right price of 13, which is considered a very safe position. It wasn't very difficult to take over the game either.
          After receiving stocks, it was also possible to sell Cover Call to further reduce the average price.
          If you don't receive stocks, it doesn't matter; tens of dollars in royalties are also very good.Smile
          Buy your favorite stocks at a slightly cheaper price

          Reverse the car to pick someone up - find an opportunity to get on the bus 🚌

          Tesla's earnings report for the second quarter of 2023 showed exciting growth. The company carried out a second round of price cuts in North America, benefiting from the US White House's IRA subsidy policy and Tesla charging stations becoming a uniform standard in the US. All of these factors contributed to a significant increase in sales volume and revenue.
          In the second quarter of 2023, Tesla's revenue reached 24.927 billion US dollars, an increase of 47% over the previous year, exceeding Bloomberg's forecast of 24.3 billion US dollars. This performance is almost double the 24% year-on-year growth rate in the first quarter, showing the company's strong momentum.
          Although revenue growth exceeded market expectations, Tesla's operating profit fell 3% to only 2.4 billion US dollars, lower than market expectations of 2.7 billion US dollars. The operating profit margin was 9.6%, down from the historical level of more than 10%.
          The financial report also shows that Tesla's gross margin is 18.2%, which is lower than market expectations of 18.8%. The gross margin of bicycles fell to 17.5%, and market expectations were 18%. Although revenue from the energy storage and photovoltaics business increased 74% year over year, it fell slightly short of market expectations.
          The service business is a bright spot. Revenue increased 47% year over year to reach US$2.15 billion, and gross margin increased to 8%. Tesla charging stations have become the industry standard and are expected to bring stable cash flow to the company.
          Tesla has generated more than 290 billion US dollars in revenue, of which more than 48 billion US dollars of revenue was generated in the first half of this year. It is expected that this year will be the first year that Tesla's revenue reaches 100 billion US dollars.
          Musk is on the earnings call...

          I lost the gamble and fainted with regret

          I have 300 shares in my hand$Palantir(PLTR.US)$ , average price 14.1, sell Cover Call, exercise price 14.5.
          Then I watched PLTR rise to over 18 yuan, and all of my stocks were taken away by Call.
          It would have been possible to earn one bike 🚴, but as a result, there was only one toy car left. Cry 😭
          I lost the gamble and fainted with regret

          Netflix, there was no successful takeoff this time

          This time$Netflix(NFLX.US)$ Financial reports show that the number of subscribers exceeded expectations: there was a net increase of 5.89 million subscribers in the second quarter, far exceeding market expectations of 2 million. This means that Netflix's user base continues to expand, accelerating revenue growth.
          Revenue and EPS were better than expected: Netflix's revenue for the quarter was $8.187 billion, slightly lower than analysts' expectations of $8.29 billion, but earnings per share (EPS) of $3.29, better than expectations of $2.85. This indicates that the company's profitability is good.
          Existing issues:
          The Q3 revenue outlook is not as good as market expectations: the company predicts revenue of 8.52 billion US dollars for the third quarter, which is lower than market expectations, causing stock prices to plummet 8% after the day. This may cause investors to have some concerns about future results.
          The impact of shared account payment plans on revenue: Netflix has launched a shared account payment plan, which covers 80% of the world's revenue source regions, driving an increase in the number of users, but at the same time, the average revenue of some users has declined.
          Netflix said that the shared account payment plan is well received by users and will be fully implemented in the future. This is expected to further drive user growth and revenue growth.
          Advertising plans and shared account payment plans continue to ferment: Netflix believes that advertising plans and shared account payment plans will continue to ferment, and revenue growth is expected to accelerate in the second half of the year.
          Operating margin for the full year of 2023: Netflix reiterated that it expects the operating margin for the full year of 2023 to fall in the range of 18% to 20%. This shows the company's confidence in future business performance.

          N+3 harvests 😝

          Very happy today 🥳 Attended Moofest 2023
          After registering a few days ago, I received the following information from Moomoo:
          Greeks from Moomoo SG!
          Thank You for Remind for MooFest 2023, The Appetite Moomoo Community Event, We Are Here to Remind About the Ticket Details:
          1: Location: Suntec City Convention Hall 406
          2:July 15, 2023 (Saturday) 3:9am-6pm
          After attending the event today, my personal experience rated 5 stars 😊, “Yes” ✅
          Just list a few of the takeaways:
          1. If you save money into 5000, you don't need to do anything else; you'll just get the cash voucher. You can also draw the lottery once.
          2. Line up for a few games, small gifts, and ice cream to eat. Collect 5 stickers in exchange directly for a 10th anniversary cow, make a questionnaire, and receive a laptop bag.
          3. A lot of bosses have shared a lot of investment experiences. I've learned.
          N+3 harvests 😝
          N+3 harvests 😝
          N+3 harvests 😝

          No courage 😅

          The more you drop 📉, the less you have the courage to enter 😅
          Because I don't know when 🤷‍♀️ will actually hit the bottom, I'm always afraid that I won't be able to find the bottom; instead, I'll get scammed.
          All kinds of indicators, all kinds of theories, all kinds of lines can only give us a reference. The more references we have, the more we hesitate. $Palantir(PLTR.US)$
          When it's time to buy, I'm indecisive. It wasn't time to sell it yet. When I saw a little bit of 🤏 profit, I quickly took the plunge; I didn't eat it at all.
          Ah, we still need to work hard 💪
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          Three line poems

          2022 is over,
          The target for 2023 is still unclear.
          As long as I don't lose money 💰 I'm satisfiedSmile