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          Warm Tips for Christmas Wishlist Activity

          First thing first!
          Team moomoo wish all mooers a merry Christmas!!Blowing KissesBlowing KissesBlowing Kisses
          Thank you all for your company in the past year! And we wish we will always be by your side on your investing journey.
          And now, we sincerely invite all mooers join us in writing about #My Christmas Wishlist for 2022, speak out your wishes about what NEW FEATURES or SERVICES that you expect the most from moomoo in upcoming 2022, which might bring your post more impressions and even earn the rewards for you!! All we want is to keep improving ourselves and offer better experience to mooers! We do value your voice!DroolDroolDrool
          Santa Moo Can't Wait to Read Your Wishlists!HeartRose
          Warm Tips for Christmas Wishlist Activity
          Warm Tips for Christmas Wishlist Activity

          Years are just that Years

          Every person ends the year a different one than they began it. Growth happens no matter what. You may not feel different or think you act different but that’s because time sets a pace for us to become accustomed without being aware.
          The price of wisdom is old age which is why wisdom is priceless because you pay for it with what is most dear to you- Your Time...Once spent there is no refund for it. That’s why you should never waste it on negativity or unhappiness. Do you know anyone that is happy being unhappy? So never dwell on bad investments or bad advice. Learn from it and grow from and move onto the next one with a smile on your face because only you decide on how much happiness you have in life.
          A few things on my wishlist:
          1. Never let the loss of money bring you pain. There was a time when you had none and there will come a time that you will have none again.
          2. Never pass your bad day onto others. Misery doesn’t need your help adding to its company, it has plenty.
          3. Say hello to one stranger every day. Sometimes people feel like the world doesn’t ever see them.
          4. If you miss someone don’t be afraid to tell them.
          5. Never believe any government has your best interest in mind. You’re better off trusting a blind man to drive you to the airport.
          6. Remember the market takes more than it gives and money is just a part of that.
          7. What you give to the world is what it gives back.
          8. Perfection is an idea and can only exist in one place. Look all you want in this world but you won’t find it.
          9. Make money easy. Making easy money comes with strings attached.
          10. Buy $Context Therapeutics(CNTX.US)$ and don’t sell until it gets to 6.50!!!
          Have a Merry Christmas! And I’ll see you all in 2 days! HOHOHO!!! 😎

          Dear Santa Moo: My Christmas Wishlist

          Thinking Face What do we want for Christmas? This is a common question most of us would hear from our family and friends this time of of the year. While I doubt any of us will be creating a Christmas wishlist to send to Santa, $Futu Holdings Ltd(FUTU.US)$ moomoo has wonderfully created this opportunity for us to send our secret wishes and cravings to Santa Moo that would put a smile on our faces on Christmas. My Christmas wishlist for moomoo is to continue to foster ...
          Dear Santa Moo: My Christmas Wishlist

          Free Stocks Giveaways! Make a 2022 Wishlist and Leave the Rest to Santa Moo!

          The sudden outbreak of the Omicron variant has turned the world into chaos. Almost without anyone noticing, 2021 is quietly coming to an end. 
          In the past year, we've been through a lot, good and bad. Biden was elected president of the United States, and Merkel stepped down. The postponed 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games were finally held this year. 2021 also marks the 20th anniversary of "9·11"... Elon Musk surpassed Bezos twice to become the wealthiest person on this planet. S&P 500 hit the record-high earlier this year. And as we've put it before, Omicron – a variant of COVID-19 – suddenly broke out...
          What a year! For every moment, we are all witnessing history. In fact, we ourselves become part of history. Perhaps a quote can somehow describe how we feel at this moment, "There is only one kind of heroism in the world, that is, after recognizing the essence of life, you still love it." Cheers to all! 
          Likewise, it is also a remarkable year for moomoo. Having brought a bundle of new blockbuster features to mooers (e.g., Bracket Order, Multiple Exchanges Data of LV2 Quotes for US Stock, Star Institution, etc.), moomoo will continue to polish our products and listen to feedback from users. Click here to view Features of the Year 2021. Moomoo has taken quite a step forward in the past year, yet we still value your voice. As Christmas is approaching, now we've got Santa moo in the town! Yessss! We sincerely invite all mooers to join us, make #My Christmas Wishlist for 2022 together, and just leave the rest to Santa moo! SlyBeckonSmirk
          Yeah!What is the moomoo Christmas Wishlist for?
          Christmas Wishlist is our tradition to celebrate Christmas and make good wishes together for the upcoming new year. It's an excellent opportunity for us to listen to our mooers and continue to improve ourselves to become the intuitive and powerful investing platform for all. At this moment, any constructive ideas are warmly welcome!  
          Let Me SeeWhat's on your Christmas Wishlist for 2022?
          Don't hesitate to tell us what NEW FEATURES or SERVICES you want the most from moomoo and how we can improve in the future. The reasons and details of your wishes are highly appreciated. They are vital for us to understand the needs of our mooers better. Our team will deliver new features and services accordingly by considering what mooers need and want the most in the upcoming 2022. 
          You can like the wishlists posted by other mooers to support them as well.
          1. 20 FREE STOCKS!!! No DollarsNo DollarsNo Dollars
          Based on the number of LIKEs. Each of the 20 most liked posts will be given 1 free stock (value: $5 – $50).
          2. 10 moomoo EXCLUSIVE MERCHANDISE!!! GiftGiftGift
          Based on selection. We will select 10 constructive ideas about new features or services, then reward each with 1 moomoo Exclusive Merchandise.
          3. POINTS!!! PartyPartyParty
          The rest of the participants will be rewarded with 100 points.
          *Only those who wrote a minimum of 20 words and added the topic #My Christmas Wishlist for 2022 to their posts are eligible for our rewards. Please post relevant content under the topic.
          Keep FightingDuration:
          Now - 23:59 Dec. 31st (ET)
          The winning lists will be announced on Jan. 12th, 2022.
          1. If some of you come up with the same idea, we will count the first one. First come, first served.
          2. Reward 1 and 2 are not exclusive to each other. You can win both!
          3. Write your original ideas: Plagiarism or cheating is not acceptable in any activities of Moo. Please "report" the suspicious posts if you find any. Once confirmed, the user committed shall be disqualified from the activities.
          So, what's your wish for 2022?
          Free Stocks Giveaways! Make a 2022 Wishlist and Leave the Rest to Santa Moo!
          Free Stocks Giveaways! Make a 2022 Wishlist and Leave the Rest to Santa Moo!
          Free Stocks Giveaways! Make a 2022 Wishlist and Leave the Rest to Santa Moo!
          102417500 liked and commented on

          My Christmas Wishlist

          Dear Santa Moo,
          I am deeply grateful to have met moomoo in my investment journey in 2021. As we approach the end of the year, it is time to look beyond and make plans for the new year. Here is my Christmas wishlist that I hope you will consider granting:
          1) The ability to buy fractional shares.
          2) More mutual funds available in Money Plus.
          3) Interest for idle funds sitting in my moomoo account.
          4) More fantastic educational video tutorials.
          5) Bracket order for sell order...
          My Christmas Wishlist
          My Christmas Wishlist

          I started trading in June and made few mistakes which I learned my lessons from them. Hopefully by mentioning them here, it helps other fellow traders to learn from them and avoid making the same ones.
          1. I was using other platforms to trade passively for many years but when I started to become more active, the difference in commission charges began to make a huge different. Before using Moomoo, for the initial 3-4 months of active trading, the total commission charged was over $3k, which took...

          ColumnsNFTZ: The first ever NFT-focused ETF just launched

          Defiance ETFs launched the $DEFIANCE DIGITAL REVOLUTION ETF(NFTZ.US)$ on Thursday, which offers investors thematic exposure to the NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens), blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystems, which include NFT marketplaces and issuers such as $Coinbase(COIN.US)$ and $PLBY Group(PLBY.US)$.
          CoffeeWhat is NFT?
          NFTs, which allow holders of art, collectibles and just about any other asset to track ownership, have caught fire this year amid a wider boom in crypto markets. Investors have doled out eye-popping sums toward pictures of rocks, cartoonish depictions of penguins and apes, and other concoctions and artworks.
          The NFT revolution will fundamentally change the economic model for artists, athletes, creators, and many more industries that we can't even conceive of today. "In October, all time NFT trading volume surpassed $15 Billion," says Jablonski.
          SmartWhat is NFTZ?
          NFTZ is testament to our vision of the revolutionary potential for growth in crypto and digital asset related securities, and our commitmen to offering exposure to the dynamic and disruptive NFT space. NFTZ seeks to track an index of a portfolio of publicly listed companies with relevant thematic exposure to the NFT, blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystems.
          --- According to 'Investment case for NFTZ, the first NFT focused ETF', Defiance ETFs
          [The NFTZ fund] is a great way for investors to gain access to not only the fast-growth blockchain technology aspect of the digital world, but companies involved in the renaissance of NFT. The companies in this index are key players in the build-out of Web 3.0, [or an idealized version of the internet that is decentralized and based on blockchains.]
          --- said Sylvia Jablonski, chief investment officer for Defiance ETFs.
          The ETF is tracking the BITA NFT and Blockchain Select Index.
          NFTZ holdings
          The initial makeup of the ETF consists of asset allocation of 32.5% for non-fungible token stocks, 25.9% cryptocurrency mining stocks, 21.9% crypto asset management and trading stocks, 15.2% crypto banking, payments and services stocks and 4.6% blockchain technology stocks.
          Here are the top 10 initial holdings on the ETF:
          · $Silvergate Capital(SI.US)$ : 6.7%
          · $PLBY Group(PLBY.US)$ : 5.3%
          · $Cloudflare(NET.US)$ : 5.2%
          · Northern Data AG : 5.1%
          · $Bitfarms(BITF.US)$ : 4.9%
          · $Marathon Digital(MARA.US)$ : 4.8%
          · $Hut 8 Mining(HUT.US)$ : 4.5%
          · Sbi Holdings Inc : 4.3%
          · $Coinbase(COIN.US)$ : 4.3%
          · $Riot Platforms(RIOT.US)$ : 4.3%
          Have you ever traded NFT? Would you invest in this NFT-focused ETF?
          Source: Defiance ETFs, PR Newswires, Bloomberg, Benzinga
          NFTZ: The first ever NFT-focused ETF just launched
          NFTZ: The first ever NFT-focused ETF just launched

          [Quote of the day]The basic story remains simple...

          Market Snapshot:
          Defiance ETFs launched the $DEFIANCE DIGITAL REVOLUTION ETF(NFTZ.US)$ on Thursday, which offers investors thematic exposure to the NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens), blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystems, which include NFT marketplaces and issuers such as $Coinbase(COIN.US)$ and $PLBY Group(PLBY.US)$ .
          Quote of the day:
          The basic story remains simple and never-ending. Stocks aren't lottery tickets. There's a company attached to every share. - Peter Lynch
          Peter Lynch is probably the most successful fund manager in modern stock market history. He names 25 rules at the end of his book “Beating the Street." We'll share these simple but profound rules with you daily.
          $Nasdaq(NDAQ.US)$$S&P 500 index(.SPX.US)$$Dow Jones Industrial Average(.DJI.US)$
          [Quote of the day]The basic story remains simple...