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        My Christmas Wishlist for 2022
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        Years are just that Years

        Every person ends the year a different one than they began it. Growth happens no matter what. You may not feel different or think you act different but that’s because time sets a pace for us to become accustomed without being aware.
        The price of wisdom is old age which is why wisdom is priceless because you pay for it with what is most dear to you- Your Time...Once spent there is no refund for it. That’s why you should never waste it on negativity or unhappiness. Do you know anyone that is happy being unhappy? So never dwell on bad investments or bad advice. Learn from it and grow from and move onto the next one with a smile on your face because only you decide on how much happiness you have in life.
        A few things on my wishlist:
        1. Never let the loss of money bring you pain. There was a time when you had none and there will come a time that you will have none again.
        2. Never pass your bad day onto others. Misery doesn’t need your help adding to its company, it has plenty.
        3. Say hello to one stranger every day. Sometimes people feel like the world doesn’t ever see them.
        4. If you miss someone don’t be afraid to tell them.
        5. Never believe any government has your best interest in mind. You’re better off trusting a blind man to drive you to the airport.
        6. Remember the market takes more than it gives and money is just a part of that.
        7. What you give to the world is what it gives back.
        8. Perfection is an idea and can only exist in one place. Look all you want in this world but you won’t find it.
        9. Make money easy. Making easy money comes with strings attached.
        10. Buy $Context Therapeutics(CNTX.US)$ and don’t sell until it gets to 6.50!!!
        Have a Merry Christmas! And I’ll see you all in 2 days! HOHOHO!!! 😎
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