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    $Hang Seng Index(800000.HK)$ After breaking 17,000 from the first trend line, the Hong Kong stock market once again fell below the second trend line support level of 15600. There is a state where the decline is expanding. It is really difficult to determine where the bottom is. There is a trend that overturns the past. We can only use the regional low as a warning line. Currently, we need to get close to 10,000 points. Let's set it to the 106,090 range first! Well, I personally think the decline in the Hong Kong stock Hang Seng Index (QQZS|HSI) $ will attract attention, because there are many H shares in Hong Kong stocks, and the fall of H shares will lower the share price of our major A shares. For example, China Mobile Hong Kong stocks, China Telecom Hong Kong stocks, China Petroleum Hong Kong stocks, etc., there are also many H-share companies listed in Hong Kong. If they fall again, it will affect the stock prices of listed companies on the $Shanghai Stock Exchange Index (SH000001) $, such as creating a supplemental effect. Or A-shares corresponding to the Hong Kong stock index will not fall, it is very likely The impact fell below the previous low of 2,863 points. This is something we need to pay attention to, because the current downward rebound did not come close to touching this area. If the rebound failed, it would probably fall below 2,863 points. Theoretically, if falling below 3 days did not reverse effectively. Theoretically, the next support level should be in the 2400 and 2,500 ranges. Seen in this way, the support strength is still stronger than the Hang Seng Index. Needless to say, the bear market is all personal technical analysis, for reference only, and not for any operational suggestions. $TRIP.COM-S(09961.HK)$ $MEITUAN-W(03690.HK)$
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    $Tesla(TSLA.US)$ Recently, I had a dinner chat with a private equity friend and talked about some trading volume tracking techniques commonly used by short-term experts. In fact, the summary is just 6 sentences, but the sentences are classic and practical, and now I'm sharing them with you. I hope they will be helpful to financial experts who invest in stocks. The increase in volume will continue to rise, and the decline in contraction will also fall. The stagnant rise in volume has peaked, the contraction has stopped falling, and the sharp rise in volume must be corrected, and the contraction pullback can still rise. I hope these dried goods can help you. I wish you the speedy achievement of the first pot of gold in life $Apple(AAPL.US)$ $ASML Holding(ASML.US)$
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