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Tech Giant in One Chart: Who Are the Suppliers of TSMC?

In One Chart wrote a column · Mar 13 06:59
$Taiwan Semiconductor(TSM.US)$ stands as a titan in the semiconductor industry, renowned for its advanced chip fabrication capabilities. As TSMC announces substantial capital expenditures to expand and upgrade its manufacturing facilities, the ripple effect is set to benefit a wide array of suppliers in the semiconductor ecosystem. Its suppliers can be categorized into several key areas:
Tech Giant in One Chart: Who Are the Suppliers of TSMC?
Equipment Suppliers:
$ASML Holding(ASML.US)$ : A leading supplier of photolithography systems, crucial for the chip patterning process.
$Applied Materials(AMAT.US)$ and $Lam Research(LRCX.US)$ : Providers of various semiconductor manufacturing equipment, including deposition, etching, and cleaning machines.
$KLA Corp(KLAC.US)$ : Offers process control and yield management systems to ensure quality and efficiency in semiconductor production.
Raw Materials Suppliers:
$Shin-Etsu Chemical(4063.JP)$ and $SUMCO(3436.JP)$ : Providers of silicon wafers essential for chip fabrication.DuPont and JSR Corporation: Suppliers of photolithography materials and other specialty chemicals necessary for semiconductor manufacturing.
Design Software Providers:
Cadence and $Synopsys(SNPS.US)$ : Companies that provide electronic design automation (EDA) software, which is used to design semiconductor devices.
Assembly and Packaging Suppliers:
Companies in this category are responsible for providing the necessary services and equipment for the physical packaging of semiconductorchips. This can include firms like $ASE Technology(ASX.US)$ and $Amkor Technology(AMKR.US)$ ‘’
Testing Services Suppliers: Suppliers offering testing equipment and services to ensure functionality and reliability of the chips before they are delivered to clients. $Teradyne(TER.US)$ and $Advantest(6857.JP)$ are examples of companies in this sector.
This integrated structure of categories and companies showcases a glimpse of the vast network of suppliers that contribute to TSMC's operational success. It also highlights the potential beneficiaries of TSMC's capital expenditure as they continue to expand and push the boundaries of semiconductor manufacturing technology.
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