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        Premarket analysis

        Monday light volume : Monday wider range than I would have guessed. LOW 450.52, HIGH 455.13. Dark pool levels have opened up a little (4/5 pts) per level vs (2/3 pts) 447.57, 452, 456.44. NVDA earnings after the bell, so IVs will be high. (Related plays SOXL, PLTR, AI, AMD) my thoughts 💭 prob buying the am dip. Or Seeing if this theory plays out. Psychology (waiting for the next RED day) because the markets have been so strong 💪 the next red day will start with RED futures that get bought at open, there will be a quick and large spike higher, than it will reject, and attempt the breakout again, only to reject. And than later that day, we will see a significant drop (6pts). Again not saying I’m expecting this today. But I’m watching 👀 for that pattern. And when it happens this is how I envision that days trading going. Now If NVDA BEATS and gives solid guidance watch out. Of course the same is true if they miss. Combine their coming results with light volume tomorrow & Friday (half day after Thanksgiving) there could be some wild moves. If any of u have trading ideas surrounding NVDA’s earnings. Please 🙏 share & discuss in with that said An Early Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍽 from myself to all of you.
        Premarket analysis
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