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Mooers' Investing Journal
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How I Started Trading and Made $5,363 USD in May ‘24

I wanted to celebrate my 777th day with MooMoo 🐮 and recently, on my 803rd day, I finally bought my first MacBook 💻.
(Still waiting for the MacBook delivery. Got AI to generate one for me )
How I Started Trading and Made $5,363 USD in May ‘24
Initially, I aimed for an entry-level model, but after watching numerous YouTube reviews on the M3 chip's performance, I decided to pamper myself. My excuse? It's okay because it's all fully sponsored by my trading profits. It feels especially good when you buy $Apple(AAPL.US)$ and get a MacBook 💻 fully sponsored by Apple.
How I Started Trading and Made $5,363 USD in May ‘24
How I Started Trading and Made $5,363 USD in May ‘24
Hello, Mooers! I'm CasualInvestor. I've been trading for over two years, starting my journey on MooMoo 803 days ago. My trading style evolved from stocks and cash funds to options trading, which offers the leverage and flexibility I need to maximize my returns.
How I Started Trading and Made $5,363 USD in May ‘24
I started my trading journey out of curiosity and a desire to better understand the financial markets. Initially, I focused on stocks and cash funds, which provided a solid foundation and a safer introduction to trading.
Over time, as I gained more confidence and knowledge, I transitioned to options trading. This shift allowed me to leverage my investments more effectively and target higher potential returns.
One of my most successful experiences was trading Apple derivatives, which significantly contributed to my overall profit.
Another is Tesla which i feel has lots of potential to . Its always thrilling as the market movement is like 🎢. Free Tickets to the ride anyone?
How I Started Trading and Made $5,363 USD in May ‘24
Maybe next goal Buy $Tesla(TSLA.US)$ and get 🚗. So far enough for the wheels🛞 . However, just thinking about COE… .
How I Started Trading and Made $5,363 USD in May ‘24
My 1st MacBook 💻
How I Started Trading and Made $5,363 USD in May ‘24
Lessons Learned:
1. Research 🔬is Key: Thorough research and staying updated with market trends have been crucial in making informed trading decisions. Long term observation of the company and research on its fundamentals and geopolitical effects are equally important.
2. Stay Disciplined: It's easy to get swayed by market movements, but sticking to your strategy and managing risks are vital for long-term success.
3. Learn from Mistakes: Every trade, whether profitable or not, is a learning opportunity. Reflect on what worked and what didn’t to improve your future trades. (Setting stop loss was a lesson I hoped I started earlier. Bought $AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$ at 25 and it dropped to 3 soon after . Did covered calls to slowly earn back until the recent stunt )
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