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How to identify moomoo's official accounts and verified staff members

Moomoo Lily wrote a column · Mar 12 04:35
Hi, mooers!

We're here to help you navigate our online space with ease. To ensure you're talking to the real moomoo, it's crucial to know which accounts are official. Here's a quick guide to understanding the moomoo official accounts and verified staff members.
Moomoo official accounts
Our official moomoo accounts are looked after by our team, giving a voice to our brands and the real people behind them in the community. They're all about sharing accurate, helpful information to make being part of the Moo community a better experience for you.
Verified staff members
These verified accounts are our actual employees, the people who keep moomoo running. They're ready to help you with any support you need or listen to what you think about our products. The badge by their name is your sign that you're in good hands.
How torecognize these accounts
1. Search for the verification badge
The easiest way to spot an official account is by the badge. No badge? Time to double-check. Below is how the moomoo team manages the two key types of accounts with badges.
How to identify moomoo's official accounts and verified staff members
2. Check posts for consistency
An official account will have a steady stream of professional posts that match moomoo's style.
3. Reach out for confirmation
Still unsure? Get in touch with us through these official channels:
>>For reporting concerns, use:
• The "Report" option on the account's homepage (... > Report)
• The "Fraud Prevention" feature in the app (Me > Fraud Prevention > Report Fraud)
>>For customer service, head to:
• "Customer Service" in the app (Me > Customer Service)
• "Contact Us" on the website (Support > Contact Us)
Staying safe in our community
1. Watch out for look-alike accounts
Pay close attention to account names for any slight differences.
2. Be skeptical of private messages
Our official accounts won't ask for sensitive details in private messages.
3. Verify links before clicking
Don't click on links that don't seem legit, even if they claim to be official.
Stay smart and stay safe, mooers. Always double-check and feel free to engage with our official accounts and verified staff members whenever you need. We're all part of the Moo community, and we're here to ensure you have the best experience possible!
Disclaimer: Moomoo Technologies Inc. is providing this content for information and educational use only. Read more
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