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        Two hours: Google says AI 143 times, shares rise two days in a row

        $Alphabet-C(GOOG.US)$$Alphabet-A(GOOGL.US)$ Google parent company Alphabet has closed up more than 4% for the past two consecutive trading days, and the stock price has quietly rallied to its highest price since last August, with market capitalization once again standing at $1.43 trillion. It seems that the AI report card delivered by Google at the I/O conference has been recognized by the capital market. And this is exactly the message Google executives want to send.
        Two hours: Google says AI 143 times, shares rise two days in a row
        AI becomes the absolute protagonist
        This year's Google I/O conference, the schedule from the previous three days streamlined to a day, the main character from start to finish only one: artificial intelligence.
        During the two-hour keynote, Google released 15 AI products with features in various fields: med-PaLM 2, Vertex AI, sec-PaLM, Gemini, Project Tailwind, Codey, Chirp, Duet AI for Google Workspace, and Duet AI, and more.
        The competition is just beginning
        Perhaps that's the message Google is hoping to send at this I/O conference: despite a slow start to initial commercialization, Google remains the strongest competitor on the AI track and has the inherent advantage of billions of users and massive amounts of data. Google has more than 90% market share in search, a huge gap that Microsoft Bing and OpenAI won't be able to approach anytime soon.
        As Evercore analyst Mark Mahaney writes, "We don't think there's only one winner in AI. We just think the notion that Google is losing the generative AI race is wrong and cannot ignore Google's years of investment in AI, especially machine learning."
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        • 72734102 : Now we Know the most Intelligent AI man at Google Quit! Rumor is He won’t support the Google Plan to use AI to manipulate elections and True News! Rumored also HE will Work with Elon to do Honest AI for the Planet! Go Tesla

        • 72734102 : Google Stole Elon Musks 100 million donation to build Honest Teputable AI for Everybody as a Non Profit for All Mankind! Google Stole that for  the Dark Side  it is rumored!

        • Casperwolf : I'm unsure if anyone is paying close attention to this past year or not. The way things have unfolded would lead me to believe young Elon Skywalker is becoming corrupted by the darkside.