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wrote a post11/29/2022 11:56

Elon Musk goes to war with Apple over App Store fees, moderation

Elon Musk goes to war with Apple over App Store fees, moderation
Elon Musk is going to war with $Apple(AAPL.US)$ . The $Tesla(TSLA.US)$ CEO and new head of Twitter took to his social media platform on Monday to call out the iPhone maker for pulling back on advertising on the site and called out Apple for its 30% App Store fees.
In a series of tweets, Musk accused Apple of suppressing speech by requiring apps in its store to abide by certain content standards and questioned whether or not the company hates free speech in America. In one tweet, Musk specifically tagged Apple CEO Tim Cook’s $Twitter (Delisted)(TWTR.US)$ account.
According to Musk, Apple has stopped most of its advertising on Twitter. If true, Apple wouldn’t necessarily be alone in choosing to pull back ads on Twitter. Companies ranging from GM and VW to General Mills and Eli Lilly have either slowed ad spending on the platform or stopped advertising on the social network entirely in the weeks since Musk’s chaotic takeover.
Elon Musk goes to war with Apple over App Store fees, moderation
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