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Find out these can't-miss features on moomoo!
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From strangers to friends, let's CHAT

From strangers to friends, let's CHAT
Ladies and gentlemen, attention please!
After plenty of efforts being done behind the screens, the Instant Message feature is finally available on moomoo now! Now come with us and explore what's new!
From strangers to friends, let's CHAT
From strangers to friends, let's CHAT
From strangers to friends, let's CHAT

How does it sound like? Feel free to tell us! And don't forget to update your moomoo to unlock the chat feature! What's more, we would like to introduce a few scenarios that the chat feature may serve you.

Availability & Limit
There will be availability & limit regarding IM feature. For more details, please tap here.

What are the Instant Message Rules?
We aim to foster a supportive environment where mooers treat each other respectfully. We promote truthfulness, accuracy, fun, and diversity in our community. Please follow Moo Community Standards to help us build a better community.

In the Moo community, the following values guide us in our actions:
We want the content on Moo to be authentic. We believe that authentic content contributes to a positive atmosphere in the community.
Moo is a community comprised of individuals around the world with diverse perspectives, identities, and cultural backgrounds. We hope our members can respect differences and help us build a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community.
We're devoted to making Moo a caring place. We will remove threatening, graphic, violent, and provocative content that has the potential to frighten, exclude or silence others.

The following contents are not permitted:
* Spam or other content that may deceive, mislead or defraud other mooers
* Content that exposes personal privacy information and contact detail
* Content involves threats, nudity, and violence, or content that violates laws and regulations
We welcome rational discussions here. Investment involves risks. Investors should read the relevant offering documents in detail before making any investment decision.
You can use the "Report" feature to report suspected violations and non-compliant users in the chatroom, or DM @moomoo Lily anytime.
Disclaimer: Moomoo Technologies Inc. is providing this content for information and educational use only. Read more
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