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MooHumor: 5 stages of grief

MooHumor: 5 stages of grief
According to psychiatrist Kübler-Ross, there're five stages of grief.

DABDA, which stands for Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance.

These stages help describe the emotional process when facing these life-changing events like losses in the stock market.
Now let's see how mooers express their feeling in each stage.

@pafiak : $AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$ $AMC Preferred Equity Unit(APE.US)$ Every Ape always
MooHumor: 5 stages of grief
MooHumor: 5 stages of grief
@Mr Trecherous : Tues Morn? Where's My Money??? $Bed Bath & Beyond Inc(BBBY.US)$
MooHumor: 5 stages of grief
MooHumor: 5 stages of grief
MooHumor: 5 stages of grief
@Curry BORED : $SPDR S&P 500 ETF(SPY.US)$ Problem is soaring is U.S. dollar.
Global citizens and companies now have to pay 20-30% premium for new iphone, tesla, AWS, Azure. Consumption will get shrink, that affect lower sales on US based companies earnings.
MooHumor: 5 stages of grief
@aiden_cole : $Bed Bath & Beyond Inc(BBBY.US)$ It all started on Reddit and it ended with MURDER!!!
MooHumor: 5 stages of grief
MooHumor: 5 stages of grief
MooHumor: 5 stages of grief
MooHumor: 5 stages of grief

@gorgeousevan : At least I’m up $Bed Bath & Beyond Inc(BBBY.US)$
MooHumor: 5 stages of grief
MooHumor: 5 stages of grief

This week, we'd like to invite you to comment: How do you pull yourself together after depression?

We will select 20 TOP COMMENTS by next Monday.
Winners will get 88 points by next week, with which you can exchange gifts at the Rewards Club.
*Comments within this week will be counted.

You may post:
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That's all for this week. Peace!
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  • Syuee : I have been through ups and downs … but never till the extent of depression, though.

    Failure can be considered as a negative life event.

    There is a link between negative life event / bad investing choices and depression. Hence, failure may sometimes lead to depression.

    But not every failure would lead to depression.

    For those suffering from depression :

    - One day at a time.

    - In The Noonday Demon, Andrew Solomon says that :

    “ Rebuilding of the self in and after depression requires love, insight, work and, most of all, TIME !! “

    Putting one’s life back together post-depression is a marathon~ , not a sprint ! undefined

    Stay strong !! undefined


  • steady Pom pipi : OK, tomorrow the sun will still rise, the Earth will still rotate, and life will continue!
    Things that cannot be changed can only be accepted; time will dilute everything, and tomorrow will be better.

  • steady Pom pipi steady Pom pipi: Stay optimistic, maybe today is that “tomorrow”

  • Milk The Cow : I always has this thinking after once a great depressionundefined: "I'd wasted a lot of time ⏲️ being depressed, so to make up for all the lost time ⏲️ & things, I should bring out a even better results for all the losses."

    What lost is lost & it just won't come back. Instead, reflect on all ur mistakes & think of another solution to make things more productive or efficient undefined.
    Not a lot ppl can do this but this is just how the world/society works. It just won't stop for a single person. Life still move on no matter how hard it is.

    Yar, unfortunately, reality is just like that undefined.

  • Milk The Cow steady Pom pipi: Oh undefined, same here undefined.

  • Milk The Cow steady Pom pipi: Yes, that's right ✅️.
    Based on "my" experiences, what u need is just time ⏲️ for urself alone. Time will dilute u away from depression but it won't solve anything until "that" main cause of ur depression is gone.
    U just feel slightly better as time goes.
    Long or short period depends on the severity of ur depression level & whether u are open minded enough.

  • HuatLady Syuee: Frankly speaking, all of us can feel sad from time to time. Anyone can be affected despite of his high level of success or his immense wealth. Therefore, how do we beat the Blues and prevent ourselves from being victims of depression? The bottom line is to have an optimistic mindset and see the brighter sides of life Always remember that storms don't last forever. Surely a steadfast, positive mindset can help you find solutions to achieve your goals, and perhaps, even inspire others along the way, no matter how daunting the challenges are.

  • KT88 Syuee: undefinedundefined

  • KT88 Syuee:

  • KT88 Syuee: undefinedWhat do you think?!?!

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