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        2022 Half-Year Recap: Winning streak or zero-sum in your performance?
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        Write 2022 half-year recap before it's too late!

        Hi, mooers!
        Did anyone forget to write the 2022 half-year recap? This is our LAST CALL! What are you waiting for?
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        Write 2022 half-year recap before it's too late!
        The first half of 2022 witnessed large fluctuations in the stock market. But remember, pain plus reflection equals progress. Now could be the best time to review your trading performance.Let Me See
        As of now, 355 mooers have joined the reflection under the topic: 2022 Half-Year Recap: Winning streak or zero-sum in your performance? Why not join us?
        Not sure how to start? Let's take a glance at some of the fellow mooers' half-year reviews we've got! Clap

        "staying nimble in the stock market is of paramount importance"
        @Cow Moo-ney :
        "Despite the bearish market, my long term investment more or less remains the same, by and large is the buy and hold strategy. The only change or tweak I had is that I am more cautious than last year.
        Going long doesn’t reap you immediate profits especially in a bear market / market crisis. But going short will.
        There are various option strategies out there. Once again, simplicity does the trick for me, and works for me."
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        "Once again, I'd made so much money"
        @Milk The Cow :
        "1.Where's your money? Did you have a big loss?
        I'm holding a portion of my money. Trick
        Yes, I've quite some losses in the short-term (I guess) for my portfolio.
        2.How did you survive?
        I survived emotionally through doing things I like (hobbies), instead of taking out my frustrationAngry on others + reflecting on any mistakes I'd madeCool."
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        "slowly realize the 2022 Investment Plan" (Achieve my 2022 investment goals step by step)
        @steady Pom pipi :
        "through my official moomoo account,@moomoo Learn @moomoo TA Cici @Meta MooLearn more about stocks and investment skills, which allows me to reduce losses in the investment process. Of course, it is not easy to use all this knowledge skillfully in practice, and I need more time to practice. At present, I am inclined toTechnical analysisTo buy stocks, I need to be more skilled. Technical analysis seems simple, but I find that there are a lot of details to pay attention to and a lot of knowledge to make a decision in time.
        I found some very serious problems, that is,Emotional transactionAnd buy a lot of stocks. When I buy more than one stock, I have no way to look at the chart technical analysis of each stock. At this time, when the market falls, I will be nervous and can not wait to execute DCA buy. Ha, I need more control over myself to keep calm.JoyfulJoyfulJoyful"
        Write 2022 half-year recap before it's too late!
        Write 2022 half-year recap before it's too late!
        "Turned a 37% loss into 44% gain in a bear market using covered calls"
        @doctorpot1 :
        "TLDR: Got 1 share of $ContextLogic(WISH.US)$ from Moo Moo on 3 Dec 2021 when it was $3.20. Then it crashed to $2, so I bought 99 more and sold covered call on it, hoping to exit with a tiny gain. Still stuck with the shares and is now at a 44% gain and growing.
        Story time
        In this volatile bear market, I do have quite a few profitable positions in Moo Moo because I used a covered call option strategy. This allows me to lower my average cost while riding out the bear market.
        There are a number of position that is in paper loss status though, however over time using this covered call option strategy, it will eventually turn profitable*."
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        "Faster, Further, and Fragile"
        "Top five portfolio ideas for the second half of the year:
        1. Build portfolio resilience with diversifiers.
        2. Be defensive on equity exposure late in an economic cycle.
        3. Add to fixed-income holdings judiciously in a rising-rate (and inflationary) environment.
        4. Match cash allocations to time horizon.
        5. Seek to mitigate downside risk with alternative investments, including hedge funds."
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        If you haven't joined the topic, have you got any ideas now? Cool Guy
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