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Do Good. For your portfolio and our planet: SG's 1st low-carbon ETF
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Let's low-carbon together ✌️

New energy and new trends, in recent years, countries have advocated low-carbon plans to try not to damage the environment.  Environmental work has been going on and it is very challenging.  Singapore has almost reached its planned prelude, a very symbolic start.  Plus it's fair to say that Singapore excels at this at the moment.  So I think this is a project worth investing in, and I am very happy to join the subscription.  Below is the information and background I found about their plans.The Capital Index tracks 50 companies domiciled or located in Singapore and listed in Singapore and globally based on carbon intensity performance, offering investors the opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint of their portfolios
As SGX Group continues to improve its indexing capabilities in ESG, low carbon and climate risk, the launch of the index will further strengthen SGX’s sustainability index series
Singapore Exchange (SGX) and OCBC Bank jointly launched the iEdge-OCBC Singapore Low Carbon Select 50 Cap Index to track the 50 listed companies with the largest floating market capitalization and representing Singapore's real and financial economy.

The index was developed in collaboration with product experts from SGX and OCBC in line with their group's sustainability efforts.  As part of the SGX Sustainability Index product family, the index uses an exclusion method to exclude a large number of companies involved in the fossil fuel sector, while on a Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) Scope 1 and Scope 2 basis, based on per unit  GHG of income, maintaining the best choice in the industry.

The index, which consists of the top 50 listed companies by market capitalization, has a weight cap to ensure portfolio diversification.  Both environmental and carbon intensity data come from Sustainalytics, an investment research agency focused on environmental, social and corporate governance.

Goh Kin Yee, Managing Director and Head of Data, Connectivity and Indices at SGX, said: "The global green awakening has investors looking closely at companies' actual carbon emissions, not just green targets. Since SGX launched in 2016,  The Sustainability Index series, and the increased computing power for ESG indices following the acquisition of Scientific Beta in 2020, the market’s interest and awareness of our Sustainability Index has grown year by year. We are delighted to be working with OCBC to develop this purpose  A driven index to meet the strong market demand for portfolio decarbonization.”

Kok Siqiang, President, Consumer Financial Services, OCBC Bank said: "In recent years, the financial industry has gone through the development of sustainability as part of risk management, and now sees it as a viable business strategy and direction. We hope that our efforts will continue to expand in the future.  Resonates in wider society and has a green ripple effect among other financial practitioners and industry leaders. Given the focus and efforts of banks on sustainability, the index is a great example of how we can “practice what can be done”  Sustainability Philosophy”, how to work towards the promise of a low carbon economy. We will maintain this momentum to create and maintain a sustainable environment for future generations.”

The index’s portfolio decarbonization effect is measured by Weighted Average Carbon Intensity (WACI), a metric recommended by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) for the benefit of asset holders and managers  People and client reports.  Historically, the index's WACI has decreased by an average of 50% compared to the standard market cap-weighted index.
SynTao cooperates with Sustainalytics, the world's leading ESG research service organization
Beijing, Amsterdam, September 21, 2012 - Today, SynTao announced that it has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Sustainalytics.  Through this cooperation, SynTao's customers can obtain the leading research and analysis services on environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) from a global perspective provided by Sustainalytics, and Sustainalytics users can also obtain SynTao's analysis of China from China.  Professional research on securities markets.

The most important significance of this cooperation is the sharing of resources.  As China's first consulting agency dedicated to corporate transparency and sustainable development, SynTao will share in-depth analysis of Chinese companies' ESG performance on Sustainalytics' global platform, so that Sustainalytics users can improve their investment risk management in China.  On the other hand, by cooperating with Sustainalytics, SynTao can provide customers with the best practices on a global scale, as well as international leading sustainable development solutions and training programs.

"We are very excited to partner with Sustainalytics as it will ensure that we provide local and international clients with global CSR best practices based on a Chinese perspective," said Dr. Guo Peiyuan, co-founder and general manager of SynTao.

“Investors in Asia want international ESG research to address regional issues as well,” said Michael Jantzi, CEO of Sustainalytics. “Through this partnership with SynTao, Sustainalytics can serve as a global leader in responsible investors.  Provide more comprehensive ESG research on companies listed on the Chinese stock market.”

Through SynTao's research and in-depth understanding of China's sustainable development market, not only the existing Chinese company reports in the Sustainlaytics research platform will be comprehensively updated, but the overall coverage of Chinese companies will also increase.  As an organization dedicated to providing ESG research services to global responsible investors, the cooperation with SynTao is the latest cooperation agreement reached by Sustainalytics in the Asian market, which will provide more information for responsible investors interested in the Asian region.  Sustainalytics recently acquired Responsible Research, a well-known ESG research firm in Singapore.  Last year, Sustainlaytics also reached a strategic cooperation agreement with South Korea's Sustinvest.

About SynTao

SynTao is a consulting agency focusing on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and socially responsible investment (SRI), and is committed to providing relevant consulting, research and training services to domestic and foreign customers.  Relying on its global sustainable development concept, local advantages and extensive cooperation network, SynTao can provide customers with effective support in strategic development, project management and enhancement of core competitiveness.  As one of the earliest CSR professional consulting organizations in China, SynTao has established good cooperative relations with many institutions including domestic and foreign enterprises, international organizations, government agencies, non-government agencies, media and academic institutions.

About Sustainalytics

Sustainalytics provides environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) research analysis and responsible investment services to investors around the world.  Sustainalytics provides responsible and mainstream investors with international perspectives and solutions through its teams around the world, helping them incorporate ESG-related information and assessments into their investment decisions.  In 2010, Sustainalytics was voted the best ESG research house by Investments and Annuities Europe (IPE) and Triple Bottom Line Investing (TBLI).
Headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Sustainalytics currently has offices in Boston, Frankfurt, Madrid, Paris, Singapore, Romania and Toronto, as well as representative offices in Brussels, Copenhagen and Colombia.  Sustainalytics has more than 120 senior analysts across the globe with diverse disciplines and industry expertise.  In 2012, Sustainalytics celebrated its 20th anniversary of working with responsible investors around the world.

Let's low-carbon together ✌️
Let's low-carbon together ✌️
Let's low-carbon together ✌️
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