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        Russia-Ukraine Crisis: A Double-Edged Sword
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        Worried about full blown war and market crash?

        You don’t have to. Here’s a good news - history has shown that market will recover after every drop, correction and crash. And geopolitical-led dips are always temporary

        Anyway, the funny thing about investing is that many of us love sales and discounts when we shop for other stuff. But when stocks are on massive discounts, many investors are so afraid to buy them.

        If you’re a fan of fundamentally strong stocks like Apple, Google and Microsoft, i think this is the period to source for good bargains.

        As previously shared, you can’t time the extreme bottom, and given that the market has corrected itself for a fair bit since late last year, and recently fuelled by Russia-Ukraine conflict, this could be the time to buy into fear and load up your favourite stocks over the next few weeks.

        PS: i hope your favourite stocks ain’t Grab, Alibaba or AMC Laugh

        PPS: We should be grateful that it’s only our money at stake, and not our lives. Pray for world peace 🙏🏼

        If you’re really panicky over recent volatility and need some positive vibes and assurances, you can check out my new video below Smile
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