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        Russia-Ukraine Crisis: A Double-Edged Sword
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        Russia-Ukraine Tension, What U Should Do As An Investor?

        Firstly, u may like read 📚 up my this post which I'd written earlierPooh-pooh:
        Milk The Cow :Market Is Crashing Any Moment From Now, Guys! Edited: It's crashing now!

        There're many ways u can do as an investors during this period.
        My above link has suggested all the possible ways in which I think are among the best out of so many during this course of uneventful event happening now.Tearing Up

        The best method is no doubt DCA.
        (Hey buy slowly 🐌 bit by bit at the dip)
        Have said many times.
        Though, I'm kinda "stupid" not to apply this method as I'm timing the market for the lowest dip = do not followsHammer.
        (No one can predict the lowest, except maybe those BB)
        It just that the method is not suitable for my current situation, not that it's not useful.Grin

        How u deal with emotional in the volatility market?
        I think the best way is not to keep looking at ur losing portfolio if u are someone who can't handle volatility. This is the best way to stay SANETrick.

        Stay away / Take a break from the stock market Egs:
        1. Play some dam games 🎮
        2. Go exercise if u have so much energy to feel angry/aggitated from the losses📉 (do not take ur anger out on ppls u know)
        3. Read 📚 some mangas, who knows it may come useful in ur lifeTrick
        4. Or maybe u can ask someone Comfort or Hug
        5. Maybe u can use "Putin" picture as a shooting 🔫 board practice, US 🇺🇸 ppls... damn SG does not allow guns... I can only use rubber bandsGrin(He is the source of all the problem for diligent investors. Nah, I'm just kiddingGrin, no point blaming on something already happened.)

        * Basically find entertainments to keep urself away from the stock market. Just chillOnlooker.

        For those who has stronger mentality investors:
        Continue DCA at the dip. Now is the chance to buy cheap.
        Stocks like:
        $SPDR S&P 500 ETF(SPY.US)$
        $Vanguard S&P 500 ETF(VOO.US)$
        $Nikko AM STI ETF(G3B.SG)$
        $STI ETF(ES3.SG)$
        are a good buys in the bear 🐻 market for long term investing.
        (Some suggested "energy" stock is a good buy)
        If yar are daring, u can go into more risky stocks like:
        $SIA(C6L.SG)$ (History shown it make a come back. Anything between $2+ to $3+ will be a super discount buy)
        Does not has to be SIA, any air travel is fine. But, I preferred SIA because it is the best among those air travel stock, I think.
        $Tesla(TSLA.US)$ is risky, but it comes with great rewards if the predictions are correctGrin.
        (Anything below $750 is very cheap, in my opinion)

        (Usually, risky investment come great rewards)

        These are just some of my suggestions, u still need DYODD. DO NOT LISTEN & FOLLOW ADVISES BLINDLYHammer.

        US 🇺🇸 stock holds quite well on the 1st day as compared to sgx 🇸🇬 stock (slaughtered man...Persevering Face) is because Russia 🇷🇺 investors relocate to the US stock market due to uncertainty in the Russia stock market.
        I still think it's a bear 🐻 market.

        My other solutions are at the link (Lazy to rewrite 😴)

        Stay safe & mentally healthy OK
        Disclaimer: Community is offered by Moomoo Technologies Inc. and is for educational purposes only. Read more
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        DYODD before investing 👌