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My Christmas Wishlist for 2022
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joined discussion12/27/2021 21:58

My 2022 wishlist: crypto, stock vouchers, options and more!

I have thoroughly enjoyed everything that Moomoo has provided us: from the fun-filled games to the cute events to win free stock coupons, it's been a hell of a year! Yet, some things still remain on my wishlist, and I wish to go through them!

1. Fractional shares
A lot of moo-ers want to dedicate a specific amount of money to a certain position, but are unable to do so as shares can only be bought in integer amounts. It would be nice to have the ability to buy fractional shares!

2. Selling covered calls
Selling covered calls is one of the easiest option strategies to learn, and it could make you so much money if implemented correctly. Many of us own 100 shares or more of a company and they are just "collecting dust". We should be able to earn on these positions through selling covered calls as a profitable options strategy.

3. Cryptocurrency license
I know this is not easy, but once Moomoo obtains a license to trade cryptocurrency, many more will flock to the app. I notice that some popular cryptocurrency coins can already be tracked in the app - all we need now is to be able to trade them. It would be nice to introduce some of the bigger names for a start - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Ripple etc.

4. Stock voucher or cash coupon rewards in points store
Many moo-ers are faithfully logging into their accounts every single day. While I already love the current gift score, with cute airpod cases and figurines, it would be nice to include cash rewards to reward those who have truly been actively particupating in all the forum events and logging in every single day.

Hopefully you guys think that these are good suggestions too! Merry Christmas and a happy 2022 to us all!
My 2022 wishlist: crypto, stock vouchers, options and more!
My 2022 wishlist: crypto, stock vouchers, options and more!
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