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        What's the biggest mistake you've made while trading?
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        Timing the market to achieve 1099.35% profit in a single day trade.

        Hello Mooers Hey, today we are going to learn two new exciting things, that is timing the market and expecting profits from every trade. Grin

        We start off by looking at the following chart, which shows the stock movement of $Phunware(PHUN.US)$ for the last few months in 2021.
        Timing the market to achieve 1099.35% profit in a single day trade.
        (^PHUN Highest: 24.04, Lowest: 0.85)

        Many of us would have heard news about Mr. Trump own social media TMTG, which come with a mission, that is to give a voice to all. The price of Trump concept ( $Donald Trump(BK2592.US)$ ) stocks such as $Digital World Acquisition Corp(DWAC.US)$ and $Phunware(PHUN.US)$ “went to the moon Good Night” when the news came out. At one point, $Phunware(PHUN.US)$ made a heroic rise of 1099.35%!

        If we got in earlier, and exit before it drop, we would have made a huge decent profit Wow. Notice what we are doing and thinking here. We are actually timing the market (doing) and always expecting (thinking) a profit from the trade.

        These two common mistakes, which many of us made in different situation, is totally awesome & great, as it shows that we have tried something new, just like Albert Einstein, who once say that ‘A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new’. AwesomeThumbs Up

        So, starting from this moment, encourage yourself to never stop making mistakes. Making mistakes are marvelous and thru mistakes, we can learn important lessons, which will help to grow our portfolio, and sometimes, change our destiny. Yeah!Awesome
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