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        Free lunch strategy: How can we make the most of Institution Tracking?
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        What?! Key to a Fortune Is within My Reach Now?

        Greetings mooers!

        Recently the Institution Tracking Feature has just been fully upgraded in iOS as well as Android version of moomoo. At present, it is open to mooers to query the position data of nearly 6000 AMCs (Asset Management Company)! I guess some mooers might want to ask, 'what is it? what can it be used for?' Don't worry, scroll down to get more details with us!

        EmmWhat is 13F?Emm

        Form 13F is a quarterly report filed, per United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations, by "institutional investment managers" with at least $100 million in assets under management including the well-known Berkshire Hathaway Inc., Soros Capital Management LLC, BlackRock Inc., etc., listing all equity assets under management.
        What?! Key to a Fortune Is within My Reach Now?
        Starting from Android v11.19 and iOS v11.29, the latest position data of all institutions that disclose 13F reports are now viewable on moomoo App, which can be found through 'Quotes' - 'Explore' - 'Institution Tracking'.
        What?! Key to a Fortune Is within My Reach Now?
        In addition to the position data of a single institution, we can also view the concerns of all institutions on the industry and the stocks that institutions focus on. For example, tech sectors such as the Software-Infrastructure, Internet Content & Information, and Semiconductors occupied most of the institutions' attention in Q3. And $Microsoft(MSFT.US)$, $Apple(AAPL.US)$, $Amazon(AMZN.US)$ became the top three stocks with the most number of AMCs held.
        What?! Key to a Fortune Is within My Reach Now?
        Cool GuyThe meaning of 13F? Cool Guy

        Then, what is it used for? The purpose of Form 13F is to increase the public's understanding of the securities held by institutional investors and increase investors' confidence in the integrity of the US securities market. Meanwhile, it can also be used as an important tool for us to keep a close eye on the flow of smart money. Without paying, we can easily understand the asset allocation strategies of Wall Street bigwigs, for the logic behind the operation of mainstream AMCs is not fleeting, such as some modules that have long been favored. (Note: it is the position data of the previous quarter, not the current quarter.)
        What?! Key to a Fortune Is within My Reach Now?
        In terms of investment, most of our retail investors are just a group of rookies compared with bigwigs. So, learn more from the rich and be friends of time.

        First thing first, why don't we give it a try? And most importantly, now seize the chance to win a FREE STOCK by sharing your thoughts or experiences under the topic #Million dollar question: How can we make the most of Institution Tracking. Based on originality and relevance with "Institution Tracking" feature of moomoo, best posts will be selected and rewarded with a free $Nokia Oyj(NOK.US)$ !
        What?! Key to a Fortune Is within My Reach Now?
        WowMore Awards Await! Wow
        No Dollars5 best posts will get one free stock of $Nokia Oyj(NOK.US)$
        No Dollars10 featured posts will get 1000 points
        No DollarsAll participants will get 88 points (only relevant posts with a minimum of 20 words and those add topic #Million dollar question: How can we make the most of Institution Tracking count)
        *a user can only win once along with any other rule to win.

        Keep FightingDuration Go For lt
        Now - 23:59 Dec.17th, 2021 (ET)
        Let Me SeeSome winning tips for you Let Me See
        1. Try the "Institution Tracking" feature! Stand out by including screenshots in your post.
        2. Share what you have learned from star institutions and benefit most from them.
        3. Share your tips or suggestions on how you use the "Institution Tracking" feature.
        4. Write your own idea. Plagiarism can result in a loss of qualification to enter the event.

        Alright, what are you waiting for? Try the amazing feature and share your insights right away! BTW, you may be also interested in: Million-dollar filings: A deep look into great investors. More amazing features are coming soon. Follow 'Team moomoo' and stay tuned!
        What?! Key to a Fortune Is within My Reach Now?
        Disclaimer: Moomoo Technologies Inc. is providing this content for information and educational use only. Read more
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        • Syuee :

        • Evelynne : Learn to the thinking of the rich, investment is a long-distance running

        • Mike Burke : #million dollar question you can tell the people we're still growing and learning everyday to look at the stars and that it is a dream that can come true Anything is Possible

        • Team moomooOP Evelynne: Definitely

        • moneyworkhard : So unpredictable, big boys play and we can possibly be d beneficiaries 😁

        • FBI888 : Learn like a rich person 👍

        • stevo423 : hello everyone, my name is Steve. I'm new to the stock game(cheesy pun time)and I mean literally just a few days new. anyway, my normal deal is cars and racing I know stock cars inside and out(cheesy pun inserted) and also being a master mechanic, what I'm understanding after reading this is, unless I'm incorrect is I'm likening this to the discovery of the root cause of a difficult issue on a cars engine. you have to follow a routine, tried and tested flow of diagnosis to reach a positive conclusion, putting a poor running engine back to a fine tuned running piece of machinery and all is well in that context again.

        • gramble : Very informative guidesDroolDroolDrool

        • Sar_sha : It’s very useful love 🥰

        • Slim APP : 🤓

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