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        2021 in Review: Grow Together to the Moo!
        Event Description
        2021 in Review: Grow Together to the Moo! As 2021 comes to an end, let's look back at what happened in moomoo this year! Show More

        As 2021 comes to an end, let's look back at what happened in moomoo this year!

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          Word of the Year: Apes

          moomoo annual ceremony is happening right now!
          Check it out here: 
          2021 in Review: Grow Together to the Moon!
          2021 is a bumpy year for investors.
          In the post-pandemic era, 2021 has become one of the most unusual years for stock market investors. We try to conclude this year's stock market with three keywords.
          "Apes," "Vaccine," and "Musk" are chosen to be the three magical words that could best describe 2021.
          Each of them alone is a powerful catalyst that could lead the entire stock market into turmoils. Let's take a deep dive into these words one by one and see how influential they are.
          2021 is possibly the genesis of APEs. After the epic battle started in the GME arena, some investors changed from being "solitary animals" to "social animals." The surface of apes group is putting an end to investing alone. 
          Together, apes have a real impact!
          The above are the merits made by apes. All of them are forged in the heat of battle so that the revolution is imprinted into the makeup of apes. In 2021, apes finally stood up and stuck together to fight against the almost unbeatable enemy, making the year memorable. They claimed that if combining every shred of power, apes could become the mainstream one day.
          "APE together strong!!!!!!" StrongStrongStrong
          Are you an ape?
          Did I miss anything significant about "Apes?"
          Please comment below to remind me of the missing memorable moments of apes.
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          Word of the Year: Musk
          Word of the Year: Vaccine
          Word of the Year: Apes
          Word of the Year: Apes

          2021 in Review: Events of the Year (WSB, Chip Shortage, EV Mania)

          2021 is an unusual year for the stock market. Despite the worry of inflation and pandemic, the US stock market is on its longest bull-run in history. Kicked off with the mania of WSB, the market keeps heading north and ends at nearly all-time highs.
          Event 1: WSB Beat Hedge Funds
          Date: Jan 2021
          At the beginning of this year, a group of millennials revolved around $GameStop(GME.US)$, a retail company that struggled with selling video games, to fight against hedge funds. After WallStreetBets pumped GameStop's stock price to unprecedented heights, some institutional investors who shorted the company's stocks almost bankrupted. Following the rule of "Go big or go home", WSB turned to other "meme stocks" such as $AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$ , whose stock price soared by 455% in Q2.
          Mooer's takeaways: What makes you profit or lose from the market?
          @GT1982 shared two lingos in particular:
          1) DYODD
          Do your own due diligence as always. To summarise this, it means never copy or act on an investment idea based on hearsay without studying the company first.
          2) FOMO.
          Fear of missing out. Many investors, new and veteran alike, are guilty of this. Very often this leads to a painful loss. In short, do not chase a stock just because many are doing it. Study the company fundamentals first which essentially is related to lingo No. 1.
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          Event 2: Global Chip Shortages
          Date: May 2021
          The global shortage of microchips has become a severe problem in 2021. The gap between insufficient supply and surging demand causes dilemmas for companies desperate for chips. Semiconductors are necessary for cars, PCs, smartphones, etc. Manufacturers of these products are facing an unprecedented situation. However, a crisis for one could be an opportunity for another. Since the market crashed in March 2020, the $PHLX Semiconductor Index(.SOX.US)$ has more than doubled.
          Mooer's takeaways: What is the "DNA" of technology
          @HuatLady said:
          In this millennium, our reliance on the use of semiconductor for technological advances is undisputed worldwide. Automobiles, smartphones, home appliances and wireless networks depend heavily on the use of semiconductors. This is what "makes the world goes round", and is the "DNA" of technology.
          The key challenges are:
          1) The inability to meet the market's demands. Since 2019, there is an acute shortage of chips' supply globally. These high demands for chips may stretch into 2023. This will incur a 27% loss if there is a 3 months' delay in manufacturing.
          2) Hence the cost of manufacturing may not meet planned budget. After weighing through both the positive and negative aspects of semiconductor investment, I opt to follow my heart and favours the trading of quality semiconductor shares as a long term investment.
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          Event 3: S&P 500 Doubled amid a Pandemic Dip
          Date: Aug2021
          In August 2021, the $S&P 500 index(.SPX.US)$ rallied 100% from the pandemic dip since March 2020, becoming another milestone for the US stock market.
          Mooer's takeaways: How to invest at a market high?
          @Dadacai said:
          There is a possibility of market correction and funds being stuck when investing during market highs so my approaches are as follows:
          1) Choose stocks I have confidence in and don't mind holding for the long term.
          2) Split the purchases into 3 or more lots at different timings to average out the cost.
          3) For intraday trading, choose stocks which have a high volume of trading and set a stop loss.
          4) Don't invest what I cannot afford to lose.
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          Event 4: Metaverse, the Next Generation of the Internet
          Date: Oct 2021
          Metaverse is regarded as the next generation of the Internet by some institutions. It's a can't-miss concept in 2021 that may lead to an investing buzz in the next decade. To attract market attention, tech giants have laid out their versions of the metaverse. On October 28, Facebook $Meta Platforms(FB.US)$ officially changed its corporate name to Meta as part of a major rebrand, shaking off the social media by launching new strategies to go "all in" to the metaverse.
          Mooer's takeaways: Are Metaverse and playing games with VR the same?
          @NANA123 said:
          The reason why people distinguish the virtual world from the real world is because the virtual world generated by the platform-style Internet at this stage cannot carry people's asset rights and social identity. The identity achievements and assets acquired by people in the virtual world are in the hands of platform operators. If the operator chooses to close the platform or close the account forcefully, everything you've gained on the platform goes up in smoke. However, the rapid development of blockchain technology in recent years has derived a decentralized Internet form, which effectively guarantees the transparency and certainty of the virtual world rules generated under this form.
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          Event 5: EV Mania
          Date: Nov2021
          On October 21, $Tesla(TSLA.US)$ released the 2021 Q3 earnings that beat the market's expectations. Its stock price increased by 22% in a week. When Tesla's stock price hit a record high of 1243.49 dollars, the shareholders started to buckle up. Meanwhile, other EV stocks were also growing fast. Rivian, a rival of Tesla, saw its price soared by 120% five trading days after it got listed. Lucid also yielded good results.
          Mooer's takeaways: How much risk are you comfortable with?
          @HopeAlways said:
          The stock market appears to be giving incredibly high valuations to EV stocks, whether the companies have proven themselves effective manufacturers or not. As with the EV stocks, there will be winners and losers, and these investments seem to belong to the more speculative portion of a stock portfolio. Understanding individual risk tolerance level is an important step in determining which EV stock is suitable for investors.
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          Which event do you like the most? Does any of the events above ring the bell?
          Feel free to leave your comments below!
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          2021 in Review: Events of the Year (WSB, Chip Shortage, EV Mania)
          2021 in Review: Events of the Year (WSB, Chip Shortage, EV Mania)
          2021 in Review: Events of the Year (WSB, Chip Shortage, EV Mania)

          2021 in Review: Mooers of the Year

          Hi, mooers. Welcome to Mooers of the Year 2021, where we present some of the great mooers in the Moo community to you.
          As we review 2021, do you still remember the first mooer you followed when you joined the Moo community? Have you ever been impressed by others' insights and clicked the like button instantly?Let Me See
          Here, we'd like to present The Most Followed and The Most Engaged mooers this year to you. Check out the ranking lists now and tell us: Do you recognize any of them? Have you received any inspiring ideas or valuable investing tips from them? If the answers are yes, feel free to extend your appreciation to them in the comment section below!
          @Mcsnacks H Tupack@OldNormanBates@The Stock Scalpers@treydongui@SEA Hedge@heracheong@Mr Truth@Anonymoo@Mars Mooo@Tanya C@DayleyTrades@huatSG@Stock Watch@disassembly line
          A big thank you to all mooers! You are the ones who create a harmonious atmosphere and interact friendly in our community. Thank you for giving a hand to the new mooers and contributing ingenious ideas to our community. Shall we walk into 2022 together and continue to write fantastic stories in the Moo community?
          1.'Mooers of 2021' medal: Each mooers on the lists are entitled to one medal only, so there will only be one medal for mooers on both lists.
          2.2021 points: Unlike the medal, mooers can receive up to 4042 points if their names are on both lists.
          *These rewards will be distributed to your account 15–30 working days after the winner announcement. Please stay tuned!
          If luck is not on your side this time, here is a tip for you.
          Keep sharing great insights and moments to strike chords with mooers. We are looking forward to seeing you again next year!
          HeartThanks again for all your love and supports! We hope to continue to accompany you and offer ever-improving services to you in the future. Let's grow together to the Moo!!
          2021 in Review: Mooers of the Year
          2021 in Review: Mooers of the Year
          2021 in Review: Mooers of the Year

          2021 in Review: Features of the Year

          Without a doubt, 2021 is a remarkable year.
          All of us have grown a lot, so has moomoo. In the past year, moomoo delivered a series of crucial features to empower mooers on their investing journeys. There is a lot that we are eager to share with mooers. HeartHeartHeart
          As Futu turned 9 years old, moomoo has ceremoniously selected 9 representative blockbuster features for you. Here we go! WowWowWow
          1. LV2 Quotes of US Stock
          Blowing Kisses Mooer's Pick:
          @GT1982: If there is one feature that...
          2021 in Review: Features of the Year
          2021 in Review: Features of the Year
          2021 in Review: Features of the Year

          Word of the Year: Vaccine

          moomoo annual ceremony is happening right now!
          Check it out here: 
          2021 in Review: Grow Together to the Moon!
          When can I get the vaccine? One of the most-searched questions on Google indicates people's biggest worry in 2021. However, it's an entirely different story for vaccine stocks holders. Sometimes they want the market sentiments to be different because they found that the line in the cases-versus-price graph increases exponentially.
          Instead of getting vaccinated, investors stared at news channels. They tried to find the next catalyst for a strong momentum of growth. Are they speculating? Yes, they are. Maybe you'd like to join them if you look at the cost-benefit ratio or the daily performance of the trending vaccine stocks.
          Anyway, I sincerely hope that the vaccines will be enough for every mooerWhimper. Sufficient supply also indicates healthy cash flows... Oh, I mean, the virus might stop spreading if most of us are vaccinated.
          We also hope that the vaccine stocks could become value stocks with solid business models and stable cash flows one day. In that case, there will be no need for us to be on tenterhooks all day, waiting for monthly job reports or the infection numbers anymore.
          Well, unless you enjoy the extreme volatility of the sudden outbreaks and are confident that you can profit from the biotech stocks shortly.
          Did you get the vaccine?
          Do you think the word "Vaccine" here qualifies to be the word of the year?
          If you've got better ideas, please comment below to let us know.
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          Word of the Year: Apes
          Word of the Year: Musk
          Word of the Year: Vaccine
          Word of the Year: Vaccine

          Word of the Year: Musk

          moomoo annual ceremony is happening right now!
          Check it out here: 
          2021 in Review: Grow Together to the Moon!
          Elon Musk is not just an entrepreneur who starts businesses but a dreamer who wants to accomplish great things.
          He wanted to reduce the carbon footprints, so $Tesla(TSLA.US)$ came out.
          He also wanted to help humankind "colonize" Mars, so he established SpaceX.
          He fulfills his dreams step by step and takes human civilization to the next level.
          Apart from all the great works, he's like the Thanos in real life. He is visionary but controversial. His tweets are so powerful that they may cause significant damage or make quite a contribution (IDK) to our portfolio. Let's see how did he "snap" in 2021.
          If you follow Musk to invest, you may find yourself playing the game of "He loves me... He loves me not. He loves me. He loves me not… " Thinking FaceThinking FaceThinking Face
          The tag of being capricious has been slapped on his back since a long time ago. Well, his unpredictable actions indeed came to us with big shocks. However, we can't deny that his companies give decent returns to shareholders.
          Do you think this dude can keep surprising us and making his name the word of the year again in 2022?
          Do you agree or disagree with the word "Musk" here?
          Which words do you think could best describe the 2022 stock market?
          Comment below with your word of the year "candidates" to let us know.
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          Word of the Year: Apes
          Word of the Year: Vaccine
          Word of the Year: Musk
          Word of the Year: Musk

          Congratulations to Mooers of the Year 2021

          PartyClick here for more information. Party
          Special thanks to all $Futu Holdings Ltd(FUTU.US)$ MooMoo unsung heroes for this great event. AwesomeYeah!Blowing Kisses
          Lots of love to all Mooers for the likes and loves given to me in 2021. HeartBlowing KissesRose
          See you all in 2022. Peace
          Gift Vote your favourite wishes here. Party
          * today for 29 Dec 2021 to 05 Jan 2022
          Top 18 Actives (as of 28 Dec 2021)
          $Advanced Micro Devices(AMD.US)$
          $Ford Motor(F.US)$
          Congratulations to Mooers of the Year 2021
          Congratulations to Mooers of the Year 2021
          Congratulations to Mooers of the Year 2021

          Word Of The Year: Fear

          Let me keep it short and sweet: 2021 is a year of global fear 😧 😨 😰 and mass mind control when common sense, logic and data analysis broke. Hope 2022 will reveal more truths.CoolDroolAngry
          Word Of The Year: Fear