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How to deposit from CommBank

You can deposit money into your Moomoo AU account via bank transfer. 

For individual accounts, please transfer from your personal bank account. For entity accounts, please use a bank account under the name of the account holder for transfers. Transfers from third-party accounts and E-wallets and international transfers are not accepted.


Start your transfer

1. Open moomoo, tap [Accounts] - [More] - [Deposit], find the bank account information provided to you.

2. Open the CommBank mobile banking App, tap the Pay Someone icon, tap Bank Account, and tap the plus icon on the upper right corner to add a new payee. If you have already saved the beneficiary account provided to you as a frequent payee, just tap the beneficiary account to initiate a transfer.

* Please make sure the account information is correct before initiating a transfer.

3. Copy and paste the account information to the according fields shown on the page. If the Account Name field is not allowed to enter brackets, please enter it without brackets.

4. Enter the deposit amount and submit.

5. After the transfer is made, we suggest you keep a screenshot of the page as the proof of transfer in case of a follow-up review. You will be notified via email or App notification once your deposit request is processed.