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Assured Guaranty Ltd., through its subsidiaries, provides credit protection products to public finance, infrastructure, and structured finance markets in the United States and internationally. The company operates in two segments, Insurance and Asset Management. It offers financial guaranty insurance that protects holders of debt instruments and other monetary obligations from defaults in scheduled payments. The company insures and reinsures various debt obligations, including bonds issued by the United States state governmental authorities; and notes issued to finance infrastructure projects. It also insures and reinsures various the U.S. public finance obligations, such as general obligation, tax-backed, municipal utility, transportation, healthcare, higher education, infrastructure, housing revenue, investor-owned utility, renewable energy, and other public finance bonds. Further, it is involved in insuring and reinsuring of non-U.S. public finance obligations comprising regulated utilities, infrastructure finance, sovereign and sub-sovereign, renewable energy bonds, pooled infrastructure, and other public finance obligations; and the U.S. and non-U.S. Structured finance obligations, including residential mortgage-backed securities, life insurance transactions, consumer receivables securities, pooled corporate obligations, financial products, and other structured finance securities. Additionally, the company offers specialty insurance and reinsurance that include life and aircraft residual value insurance transactions; and asset management services comprising investment advisory services, including management of collateralized loan obligations, and opportunity and liquid strategy funds. It markets its financial guaranty insurance directly to issuers and underwriters of public finance and structured finance securities, as well as to investors in such obligations. Assured Guaranty Ltd. was incorporated in 2003 and is headquartered in Hamilton, Bermuda.
CEO: Frederico, Dominic John
Market: NYSE
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Total investments
-5.12% 9.37B -2.62% 9.87B -2.62% 9.87B 0.48% 9.89B
-Equity investments
9.25% 307M -12.16% 260M -12.16% 260M -13.69% 271M
-Trading assets
-- 174M -- -- -- -- -- --
-Short term investments
-6.89% 8.74B -2.05% 9.43B -2.05% 9.43B -0.61% 9.36B
-Other invested assets
-27.96% 152M -15.42% 181M -15.42% 181M 130.09% 260M
Cash and cash equivalents
25.26% 119M -25.93% 120M -25.93% 120M -54.71% 101M
-20.21% 1.86B -8.04% 2.17B -8.04% 2.17B 10.69% 2.53B
-Accounts receivable
-20.21% 1.86B -8.04% 2.17B -8.04% 2.17B 10.69% 2.53B
Deferred policy acquisition costs
8.87% 135M 10.08% 131M 10.08% 131M 9.32% 129M
92.83% 5.7B 175.54% 5.27B 175.54% 5.27B 184.02% 4.37B
Goodwill and other intangible assets
-6.52% 172M -13.79% 175M -13.79% 175M -13.59% 178M
-- -- 0% 117M -- -- -- --
-Other intangible assets
-- -- -32.56% 58M -- -- -- --
Other assets
8.58% 481M 6.82% 470M 6.82% 470M -13.37% 421M
Total assets
11.41% 17.85B 18.74% 18.21B 18.74% 18.21B 19.86% 17.61B
Policy holders liabilities reserve
-9.67% 4.31B -4.93% 4.59B -4.93% 4.59B -0.99% 4.7B
Long term debt and capital lease obligation
36.57% 1.67B 36.68% 1.67B 36.68% 1.67B 36.63% 1.67B
-Long term debt
36.57% 1.67B 36.68% 1.67B 36.68% 1.67B 36.63% 1.67B
Derivative product liabilities
26.61% 157M 51.46% 156M 51.46% 156M -15.43% 137M
Other liabilities
67.21% 5.69B 113.55% 5.29B 113.55% 5.29B 141.82% 4.71B
Total liabilities
24.19% 11.83B 35.68% 11.71B 35.68% 11.71B 38.87% 11.22B
Share capital
0% 1M 0% 1M 0% 1M 0% 1M
-common stock
0% 1M 0% 1M 0% 1M 0% 1M
Retained earnings
-2.92% 5.88B -2.49% 5.99B -2.49% 5.99B -3.57% 5.92B
Gains losses not affecting retained earnings
-120.91% -78M -39.76% 300M -39.76% 300M -7.43% 374M
Other equity interest
0% 1M 0% 1M 0% 1M 0% 1M
Total stockholders'equity
-9.77% 5.8B -5.28% 6.29B -5.28% 6.29B -3.8% 6.3B
Noncontrolling interests
239.68% 214M 235.48% 208M 235.48% 208M 41.18% 96M
Total equity
-7.35% 6.02B -3.06% 6.5B -3.06% 6.5B -3.34% 6.4B
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Accounting Standards
Audit Opinions
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