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Multi-dimentional Analyses
Company Valuation Capital Tracking Short Selling Data
02318 PING AN
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Net premium income has been realized
1.51% 584.29B 0.65% 412.98B 0.30% 235.99B -2.33% 739.93B
-Net premium income
3.57% 587.46B 1.97% 417.41B 1.21% 239.52B -5.70% 730.64B
-Including:Total premium income
2.18% 604.66B 1.61% 429.29B 1.09% 246.61B -4.64% 760.84B
-Including: Premium
29.96% -17.19B 9.59% -11.88B 2.67% -7.08B -30.90% -30.21B
-Unearned premium reserve
-137.93% -3.18B -578.53% -4.44B -155.72% -3.53B 154.05% 9.3B
Commission income
10.66% 4.98B 24.96% 3.72B 28.49% 2.14B -7.05% 5.91B
Investment income
-81.59% 10.43B -67.06% 14.77B -249.77% -22.19B -26.54% 78.04B
Banking income
7.43% 170.42B 7.59% 112.74B 8.18% 56.31B 6.40% 213.44B
Special items of income
-3.42% 182.55B -1.18% 123.43B -1.61% 61.97B -0.11% 250.36B
Total income
-3.22% 952.67B -2.93% 667.64B -8.88% 334.22B -2.55% 1.29T
Net payments and claims
-2.72% -491.26B -3.09% -347.68B 2.84% -183.62B -0.64% -618.66B
-Claims and withdrawal of outstanding claims
-1.92% -502.79B -2.54% -354.99B 2.67% -187.58B -1.79% -638.87B
-Amortization of indemnities and benefits of insured households
-23.57% 11.53B -18.16% 7.31B 6.21% 3.97B 57.10% 20.2B
Insurance business expenses and other expenses
8.10% -360.65B 10.98% -241.87B 12.34% -121.98B -2.03% -529.43B
-Commission and handling fee expenses
14.03% -55.27B 15.13% -39.18B 14.40% -22.74B 20.89% -80.71B
-Administration expense
2.45% -123.51B 1.27% -81.98B 1.52% -41.43B 2.27% -177.06B
-Financial expenses - expenses
19.85% -17.65B 21.38% -11.85B 24.91% -5.78B -6.23% -28.08B
-Exchange Losses-expenditure
213.54% 2.57B 138.76% 1.28B 59.29% 497M -42.90% 1.27B
-Special items of operating payout
7.51% -166.79B 13.93% -110.13B 16.80% -52.52B -15.77% -244.85B
Total payment、 claims and expenses
2.16% -851.91B 3.19% -589.55B 6.87% -305.59B -1.27% -1.15T
Operating profit
-11.38% 100.76B -0.93% 78.09B -25.95% 28.62B -25.66% 139.58B
Earning before tax
-11.38% 100.76B -0.93% 78.09B -25.95% 28.62B -25.66% 139.58B
65.03% -5.65B 40.97% -6.41B 75.70% -1.37B 37.41% -17.78B
After-tax profit from continuing operations
-2.49% 95.12B 5.46% 71.68B -17.45% 27.25B -23.57% 121.8B
Earning After tax
-2.49% 95.12B 5.46% 71.68B -17.45% 27.25B -23.57% 121.8B
Minority profit
17.23% 18.65B 14.51% 11.4B 13.89% 6.59B 24.13% 20.18B
Profits attributable to shareholders
-6.34% 76.46B 3.91% 60.27B -24.12% 20.66B -28.99% 101.62B
Basic earnings per share
-5.40% 4.38 4.86% 3.45 -23.38% 1.18 -28.77% 5.77
Diluted earnings per share
-5.88% 4.32 4.29% 3.4 -23.53% 1.17 -28.86% 5.72
Currency Unit
Accounting Standards
Audit Opinions
------Unqualified Opinion
------Ernst & Young accounting firm (special general partnership), Ernst & Young accounting firm

Q6, Q9, and FY are cumulative quarterly reports: Q6 is the interim report; Q9 is third quarter report; FY is the annual report.

The MOM data from the Quarterly report,MOM=(current period - last period)/last period *100%

Company Overview More
Ping an is committed to becoming a leading international provider of integrated financial and health services. Ping an responded positively to the 14th five-year Plan, starting from the national strategies of strengthening the real economic level of financial services, serving "Digital China" and "healthy China". Implement the 16-character management policy of "focusing on main business, optimizing structure, reducing costs and efficiency, and operating in compliance", deepen the service system of "comprehensive finance + medical and health", and actively build industrial ecology such as "finance + pension" and "finance + health". Provide professional "financial consultant, family doctor, pension housekeeper" service. Ping an further promotes the transformation of intelligence and digitalization, uses science and technology to improve the quality and efficiency of financial business, enhances the level of risk control, and applies innovative science and technology to the ecosystem of "financial services, medical and health care, automobile services, and smart cities". Use financial technology and medical ecological forces to create products and services with temperature, and realize "science and technology enabling finance, science and technology enabling ecology, ecological enabling finance". Ping an adheres to the original intention of the main financial industry, strengthens the insurance guarantee function, enhances the energy efficiency of serving the real economy and the people's livelihood, insists on taking the customer as the center, and continuously optimizes the comprehensive financial management model of "one customer, multiple products and one-stop service". Rely on the advantages of localization, practice the corporate governance and management of international standards To provide a variety of products and convenient services for more than 225 million individual customers and more than 668 million Internet users. While continuing to focus on individual business development, Ping an also continues to deepen the group business "1x N" service model to meet the comprehensive financial needs of different customers.
CEO: Mingzhe Ma
Market: Hong Kong motherboard
Listing Date: 06/24/2004
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