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Multi-dimentional Analyses
Company Valuation Capital Tracking Short Selling Data
01569 Minsheng Education Group
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2.91% 1.27B 116.22% 2.39B 128.11% 1.24B 10.12% 1.11B
Operating income
2.91% 1.27B 116.22% 2.39B 128.11% 1.24B 10.12% 1.11B
Cost of sales
-5.61% -539.86M -92.00% -1.04B -116.69% -511.19M -10.47% -540.13M
Operating expenses
-5.61% -539.86M -92.00% -1.04B -116.69% -511.19M -10.47% -540.13M
Gross profit
1.00% 734.16M 139.29% 1.36B 136.90% 726.87M 9.79% 567.08M
Selling expenses
-10.99% -110.32M -1,085.96% -242.93M -1,328.29% -99.4M -27.68% -20.48M
Administrative expenses
-10.80% -232.93M -122.31% -471.34M -135.20% -210.23M -14.53% -212.02M
Operating interest expense
-22.38% -72.74M -50.07% -130.56M -48.47% -59.44M -- -87M
Special items of operating profit
-19.61% 48.09M 222.57% 149.7M -4.21% 59.83M -210.34% -122.14M
Operating profit
-12.30% 366.27M 427.63% 661.82M 74.01% 417.63M -70.56% 125.43M
Share of profits of associates
82.54% -11K 88.72% -22K 56.85% -63K -27.45% -195K
Share of profit from joint venture company
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- 18.28M
Earning before tax
-12.29% 366.26M 361.11% 661.8M 74.26% 417.57M -58.55% 143.52M
39.92% -17.17M -224.49% -54.22M -791.45% -28.57M -36.15% -16.71M
After-tax profit from continuing operations
-10.26% 349.09M 379.12% 607.58M 64.54% 388.99M -62.03% 126.81M
Earning after tax
-10.26% 349.09M 379.12% 607.58M 64.54% 388.99M -62.03% 126.81M
Minority profit
88.91% 9.69M 759.36% 30.69M 4,785.71% 5.13M 38.96% -4.66M
Profit attributable to shareholders
-11.58% 339.4M 338.81% 576.89M 62.44% 383.86M -61.52% 131.47M
Basic earnings per share
-11.54% 0.0805 330.19% 0.1368 55.82% 0.091 -62.59% 0.0318
Diluted earnings per share
-11.54% 0.0805 330.19% 0.1368 55.82% 0.091 -62.59% 0.0318
Currency Unit
Accounting Standards
Audit Opinions
--Unqualified Opinion--Unqualified Opinion
--Ernst & Young accounting firm--Ernst & Young accounting firm

Q6, Q9, and FY are cumulative quarterly reports: Q6 is the interim report; Q9 is third quarter report; FY is the annual report.

The MOM data from the Quarterly report,MOM=(current period - last period)/last period *100%

Company Overview More
Minsheng Education Group Limited (the "Company"), together with its subsidiaries (collectively referred to as "the Group" or "we") is one of the largest suppliers of private higher education in China. As at 31 December 2018, the total number of enrolled students of the Group was 65496 and a total of 4353 students were employed. As of December 31, 2018, the Group owns and operates ten schools in the people's Republic of China ("China"), of which six are colleges and universities. namely, Chongqing College of Humanities and Technology, Dianchi College of Yunnan University, Pais College of Chongqing Industrial and Commercial University, Chongqing Vocational College of Applied Technology, Inner Mongolia Fengzhou Vocational College (Qingcheng Branch) and Chongqing Telecom Vocational College. Two of them are secondary vocational schools, namely, Leling Minsheng Vocational Secondary Vocational School and Leling Vocational Secondary Vocational School operated under entrusted management arrangements, and two of them are senior high schools, namely Shouguang Bohai Experimental School and Leling Senior Middle School affiliated to Minsheng Education Group. Through these schools, the Group mainly provides higher academic education, including undergraduate education and tertiary education. Through more than 10 years of operation in the field of higher education, we believe that we have established a good reputation in the relevant regions of China, which will help us to attract quality students and teachers and pave the way for our success. We aim to maintain and strengthen our market position in China's higher academic education industry.
CEO: Xuechun Li
Market: Hong Kong motherboard
Listing Date: 03/22/2017
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