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Multi-dimentional Analyses
Company Valuation Capital Tracking Short Selling Data
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4.94% 742.78M 5.18% 1.6B -4.48% 707.8M -4.68% 1.52B
Operating income
4.94% 742.78M 5.18% 1.6B -4.48% 707.8M -4.68% 1.52B
Cost of sales
-15.98% -566.34M -12.97% -1.14B 0.38% -488.3M 4.42% -1.01B
Operating expenses
-15.98% -566.34M -12.97% -1.14B 0.38% -488.3M 4.42% -1.01B
Gross profit
-19.61% 176.44M -10.19% 458.92M -12.51% 219.5M -5.17% 510.99M
Selling expenses
-16.88% -110.58M 3.00% -216.35M 5.58% -94.61M -1.83% -223.05M
Administrative expenses
-2.93% -41.32M -2.56% -78.35M -2.55% -40.15M -0.73% -76.4M
Impairment and provision
62.67% -5.66M -4,209.02% -35.33M -46.03% -15.15M -116.30% -820K
-Other impairment is provision
62.67% -5.66M -4,209.02% -35.33M -46.03% -15.15M -116.30% -820K
Special items of operating profit
-109.33% -5.9M 414.77% 53.36M 994.47% 63.22M 78.16% -16.95M
Operating profit
-90.22% 12.99M -5.95% 182.25M 41.17% 132.81M 13.06% 193.77M
Financing cost
-52.20% -18.26M -39.31% -30.97M 8.65% -12M -10.90% -22.23M
Share of profits of associates
-69.12% -2.07M -147.43% -4.73M -160.34% -1.22M 24.65% -1.91M
Share of profit from joint venture company
115.15% 1.04M -1,294.57% -6.68M -76,188.89% -6.87M 66.27% -479K
Earning before tax
-105.59% -6.3M -17.31% 139.87M 40.09% 112.73M 14.76% 169.15M
140.04% 4.35M -32.13% -31.56M 18.34% -10.87M 38.52% -23.89M
After-tax profit from continuing operations
-101.91% -1.95M -25.44% 108.31M 51.68% 101.86M 33.84% 145.27M
Earning after tax
-101.91% -1.95M -25.44% 108.31M 51.68% 101.86M 33.84% 145.27M
Minority profit
52.50% -1.13M -374.38% -7.12M -327.44% -2.38M 348.42% 2.6M
Profit attributable to shareholders
-100.78% -816K -19.09% 115.43M 57.67% 104.24M 30.19% 142.67M
Basic earnings per share
-100.80% -0.002 -19.11% 0.2781 57.69% 0.2512 30.18% 0.3438
Diluted earnings per share
-100.80% -0.002 -19.11% 0.2781 57.69% 0.2512 30.18% 0.3438
Currency Unit
Accounting Standards
Audit Opinions
--Unqualified Opinion--Unqualified Opinion
--Deloitte Guan Huang Chen Fang Accountants--Deloitte Guan Huang Chen Fang Accountants

Q6, Q9, and FY are cumulative quarterly reports: Q6 is the interim report; Q9 is third quarter report; FY is the annual report.

The MOM data from the Quarterly report,MOM=(current period - last period)/last period *100%

Company Overview More
We are a large biscuit manufacturer with a long history and a leading position in China's biscuit market. Adhering to the business philosophy of "Cashley Wanjia", the company serves the majority of consumers and aims to become the best biscuit brand and manufacturer in China. Our products mainly include breakfast biscuit series, cracker series, sandwich biscuit series, Weihua biscuit series and other series. In 2013, we were the largest biscuit manufacturer of local brands in China in terms of retail sales, retail sales and production. At the same time, we are the second largest biscuit manufacturer in China in 2013 in terms of retail sales and production. The company has a leading market position and extensive brand awareness. Over the years, the company has won Chinese famous brand products, Chinese well-known trademarks, excellent leading food enterprises in China's food industry, high-quality products of the Ministry of Light Industry, National High-quality Product Award, top 100 enterprises in China's baked food sugar products industry, Guangdong 2012 modern industrial top 500 projects, outstanding contributions to China's baked food sugar products industry, Guangdong baked Food (Jiashili) Engineering Technology Research Center and Guangdong Enterprise Technology Center and so on. With our rapid business growth in the past, the company's financial performance has also continued to grow, we are confident that the company will maintain a good momentum of development in the near future.
CEO: Ximing Huang
Market: Hong Kong motherboard
Listing Date: 09/25/2014
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