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        Moomoo Learn Premium

        Eligibility for Activity Participation

        New users who have never opened a Moomoo SG universal account and/or deposited funds before 00:00 AM SGT, 30 June, 2023


        Activity Summary

        Deposit at least S$100 into your Moomoo SG universal account to unlock long-term free courses and services under moomoo Learn Premium.


        Learn Premium Reward

        Moomoo Learn Premium

        Trading Tutorials

        Opportunity Mining

        Identify potential high and low in the market

        Grasp the market signals with chart patterns

        Potential investment ideas in weekly company breakdown

        Seize potential opportunities in specialized investment strategies

        Advanced Financial Analysis for US Stock Investing

        How to Reduce Investment Risk

        Select a lucrative company potentially through advanced financial report analysis

        Risk Management: The prerequisite of investment profit is to preserve the principal.

        Technical Analysis of Trend Trading

        Identify potential high and low in the market

        Daily News

        Breaking news and market dynamics couldn't miss out

        Market Reports

        Recap what happened last week in details

        AMA Service

        Get real-time answers to your questions


        Claim Rewards

        Turn to "Me" tab and enter "Rewards" on moomoo app and enjoy moomoo Learn Premium!


        Frequently Asked Questions

        Q1: Can my deposits be withdrawn whenever I prefer to?

        All deposits of your account are at your discretion, and you can withdraw whenever you need!


        Q2: Will there be any deduction from my account once I join the moomoo Learn Premium?

        We promise the moomoo Learn Premium is totally free for users who deposit at least S$100 during the event, and no charges will be charged.


        Q3: How do I gain access to moomoo Learn Premium?

        Moomoo Learn Premium access will be distributed to your account automatically after you deposit at least S$100 in your Moomoo SG universal account. If you didn't receive it after depositing, please contact moomoo Learn TA Cici on moomoo app for help.


        Q4: What will happen to my premium after I withdraw my amount?

        Moomoo Learn Premium contains two parts, including courses and services. Once deposit and unlock the premium courses, you can have lifetime access to them. However, some services of moomoo Learn Premium are only for customers who hold at least S$100 assets with Moomoo SG universal account. Once the amount is less than S$100 for 30 consecutive days, you will not be able to access < AMA, Daily News, and Weekly Market Reports>


        Q5: Is my assets safe?

        Moomoo SG is a broker-dealer licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Clients assets are kept in a custodian account entirely unmingled with Moomoo Singapore's finances.