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Easy-transfer with ACATS

You can transfer your stocks, options and cash balances

into Moomoo SG with just one click

Start the transfer process in the moomoo app

Select your current brokerage & provide the following account details

Choose Full or Partial Transfer

Licensed by World's Leading Financial Cities


  • How do I redeem my rewards?

  • How many rewards can I claim?

  • If I initiate a transfer of less than S$5,000, will I still be eligible for any of the rewards if I transfer more after the 1st initial transfer to top up to S$5,000/ S$10,000/ S$50,000/ S$200,000?

  • If I previously transferred funds to Moomoo SG, could I enjoy this promotion?

  • How many days must I maintain my assets to claim my reward?

  • How can I redeem my iPhone 15 Pro Max (256GB)?

  • How is the transfer fee subsidised?