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Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

One-stop ESOP management maximize the value of your incentive plans

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Who We Serve

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Our Services

ESOP Planning & Design

Our ESOP experts tailor incentive plans for companies to retain talents, motivate teams effectively, maximize shareholder value, and achieve a win-win situation.

-  Determining recipient

-  Holding methods & selecting tools

-  Allocation planning (total and individual amount allocation)

-  Time setting (granting, vesting, and exercising)

-  Exercise/grant price & exit mechanism

ESOP Platform

Moomoo equity management platform, a self-developed online incentive planning system, making the process more flexible and responsive.

Administrator Side

-  Easy to manage Option, RSU, and other incentive types

-  Flexibly create and archive various agreement online

-  Batch send notifications and manage to-do lists efficiently

Staff Side

-  Quick activation of ESOP account on moomoo

-  One-click to sign the agreement and check incentive information

-  Exclusive help center for all platform users

Tax Consulting

Professional tax consulting services for incentive plans, help clients access compliance risks and identify key tax-related matters.

-  Singapore income tax consulting services

-  Mainland China tax consulting services

-  Tax obligations and responsibilities for mainland China-based companies

-  Other tax and financial-related matters will be reviewed accordingly

Trust Setup

Futu Trustee holds trust licences in Singapore and Hong Kong. Our teams of specialists are committed to creating comprehensive corporate and legacy planning solutions to meet the various requirements of today’s ultra high net worth individuals, families and corporates.

-  Family Trust

-  Family Office

-  ESOP Trust / EBT

-  Pre-IPO Trust


Key Benefits

One-Stop Solution

Our in-house developed moomoo equities management platform is built on industry-leading technology and extensive experience. We provide all-in-one solutions from system administrator to employees, digitize ESOP management, including grants, online signature, vesting and data viewing.

Time and money are saved with our paperless process.

Customized Services

Customiszed ESOP services and platforms for different needs of the companies and employees.

Excellent User Experience

1 to 1 professional consultancy for ESOP service with our experienced consultant.

A multi-language service team with 300 members and over to support clients 24/7.

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