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$0 commission*
Invest from just US$1,000
Long-term passive income

Lock In 5%+YTM Stable Yields
with US Treasury


$0* Commission 

*Commissions for U.S. treasuries and SGS bonds will be waived until June 30, 2024

Why choose U.S. treasuries?

Yield up to 5.0+%*

Invest while interest rates are still high.

One of the safest investments

US Treasuries backed by the US government.

Stable return
US Treasuries typically pay interest twice a year, giving investors
a steady cash flow.

Growing your cash

In addition to receiving fixed interest payments, investors can also earning from the price difference. The lower the purchase price, the higher the yield to maturity of the bond.

*Data source moomoo platform has been online U.S. Treasury yields to maturity as of 11/9/23 data performance. Yield data is for reference only. Past yields are not indicative of future yields and do not represent any prediction or guarantee of U.S. treasuries returns.

Laddering Bond for Steady Cash Flow
Evenly distributing investments in bonds across several months or years, and reinvested when they reach maturity.
This "bond laddering" strategy ensures a regular cash flow each year.
Moomoo Cash Plus
Available tenor
Minimum investment amount
Cash Plus offers investors a relatively low-risk investment vehicle with relatively stable returns. It consists mainly of money market funds investing in fixed deposits and cash markets.
*Returns of CSOP USD MONEY MARKET FUND as of March 3, 2024
Medium to long-term, tradable government debt securities that pay a fixed coupon every 6 months.
2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 or 50 years
3.45% *
*SIGB 2 3/8 06/01/25 as of March 3, 2024
Guaranteed fixed coupon until maturity

Invest $20k, with a 10 Year Maturity date and coupon rate of 3% p.a.


Receive $300 every 6 months until maturity.  
Receive $20k plus the final coupon ($300) at maturity.

S$1,000, and in multiples of S$1,000
Can be held for any length of time
Invest S$20k MMF and convert your holdings based on the NAV of the fund on the subscription date. If you redeem after 1 year of holding, the redemption amount is then calculated based on the NAV and the holding shares at the time of redemption.
(Redemption Amount - Subscription Amount) / Subscription Amount * 100% = Holding Yield
US Treasuries are government debt securities issued by the U.S. Department of the Treasury onbehalf of the federal government, backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S., and are commonly considered to be low-credit-risk investment instruments.
*T 3 1/4 08/31/24 as of March 3, 2024

1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30 years

Guaranteed fixed coupon until maturity

Invest US$20k, with a 10 Year Maturity date and coupon rate of 4.5% p.a.

Receive US$450 every 6 months until maturity
Receive US$20k plus the final coupon ($450) at maturity.

US$1,000, and in multiples of US$1,000
Yield fluctuates with the market
US Treasury / SGS / Cash Plus at a Glance
US Treasuries are for

Investors who have excess cash and wish to invest them for long-term returns

Low risk, steady returns, buy with confidence
Portfolio Diversification

Diversify assets and balance risk
Seeking a more stable return in a complex and volatile market

Traders seeking to profit
from interest rate volatility

Open the app and go to [Discover] > [Wealth]

You can see the [Bond] icon


Tap the [Bond] icon to view all tradable bonds

You can click [Issuer] and select [US Treasury N/B] to view the US Treasury products.


Tap [Buy] on the lower left corner of a bond's details page and enter your trading password

You can enter the nominal value of the bond you want to buy and your expected purchase price, and you can place an order based on the bid and ask.
The minimum subscription amount is US$1,000


Check your bond details anytime

After the transaction is done, you can view the return of the bond you hold on the corresponding account page

How to Start Investing
*The content on the screen is for illustrative purposes only and does not constitute any investment advice
  • 1. Why invest in bonds on moomoo platform?

  • 2. Why isn't an order immediately executed after being submitted?

  • 3. Must bonds be held to maturity?

  • 4. How much interest does a bond pay? How is it paid?

  • 5. How much will I receive when a bond matures?

  • 6. If my treasuries are not held to maturity, will I still earn the YTM at the time I bought it?

Risk Warning

1. Although defaults by the U.S. government are extremely rare, there is still a risk of default. Political, fiscal conditions, or other factors may lead to the government being unable to repay its debt on time or in full. While this risk is low, it cannot be completely eliminated. Additionally, if you are a non-U.S. investor, holding U.S. Treasury bonds will expose you to foreign exchange risk. Exchange rate fluctuations can affect the return on your investment, causing variability when calculated in your local currency.

2. Although the Singapore Government has been assigned a AAA credit rating by the credit rating agencies, there is still a risk of default. Political or fiscal conditions or other factors may cause the Government to be unable to repay its debts on time or in full. While this risk is low, it cannot be completely ruled out. In addition, if you sell the bonds before maturity, the price may be higher or lower than the price you paid. The price of Singapore government short-term treasury bills and bonds may rise or fall before maturity. Investors who intend to hold to maturity and reinvest the bond proceeds face reinvestment risk. If interest rates fall, the yield on the reinvested bonds may be lower than before. The reinvestment risk is greatest for short-term SGS because the bonds mature more quickly.


3. Before making any investment, please carefully assess your risk tolerance and consult with investment advisors or professionals for more accurate and personalized investment advice.

4. The principal and interest of a bond are paid by its issuer or guarantor (if any), and the bondholders bear the credit risk of the issuer or guarantor. If the issuer or guarantor defaults, the bondholders may not be able to get back the principal and interest paid on the bond. US Treasuries are issued and guaranteed by the US government and are traded over-the-counter. Investment involves risk, and a bond's price is affected by supply and demand. Although there is a high chance of getting back the principal and interest while investing in US Treasuries, early redemption may result in losses due to market risk. Therefore, before making any investment decision, clients should carefully read the relevant offering documents, fully understand the risks and the relevant legal, tax and accounting characteristics and consequences, and decide whether the investment is suitable for their financial situation and investment objectives, and whether they can withstand the risks, and seek appropriate professional advice if necessary.





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