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Novice investors who lack fundamental investment knowledge and information, seeking guidance to improve their investment skills.
Experienced investors looking to uncover more potential opportunities to build their wealth.
Technical Analysis
Technical analysis investors seeking valuable insights on entry and exit points by identifying key technical chart patterns.
Individual investors who want to find a community of like-minded people to share investment experiences with.
What you'll achieve
Gain latest market trends
Understand the logic behind price fluctuations
Acquire skills to conduct in-depth analysis of stocks
Connet with like-minded investors

Our moomoo Learn Premium

We offer structured courses and training to help you go from a novice investor to an experienced trader. We provide tailored education to help you improve your skills and knowledge, regardless of where you are in your trading journey.

1. Opportunity Mining - Understanding a Stock in 3 minutes

37 Lectures


Covering four essential dimensions:

1. An overview of the industry and its competitive landscape

2. The core strengths behind the brand

3. Key features of the company's stock

4. Future opportunities & risks.

- Provides a 360-degree view of a company, from the impact of macroeconomic factors to the investment strategies of the company.


2. Opportunity Mining - Investment Strategy

11 Lectures


- Teaches a systematic approach to trading strategies, equipping you with the knowledge to potentially navigate volatile markets with greater flexibility.

- Using the CANSLIM model, you'll learn how to identify potential growth stocks and apply stop-loss and profit-taking strategies through real-life case studies.

- Acquire skills in assessing a company's valuation for different types of firms and determining buying and selling points.


3. Trading Tutorials - Understanding Charting Patterns

19 Lectures


- Provides an in-depth analysis of technical patterns from four different perspectives:

What are they?

How are they formed?

How can you recognize them?

How can you recognize them?

- Identify patterns in real-world scenarios.

- Practical case studies.


4. Trading Tutorials - Understanding Candlestick Patterns

21 Lectures


- Learn common candlestick chart patterns and why they form.

- Study various commonly-used reversal patterns, to quickly assess market sentiment in volatile markets and make more informed investment decisions.

- Case studies.


5. Trading Tutorials - Technical indicators

4 Lectures


- Discover 20+ technical indicators used in stock trading, like MACD, RSI, moving averages, and more.

- Develop the skills to recognize trend reversals, levels of overbought and oversold conditions, as well as divergences.

- Explore different trading tactics using these indicators.


6. Advanced Financial Analysis for US Stock Investing

11 Lectures


- The essential tools and factors required to analyze stocks, including earnings reports and their components such as balance sheets, P/L statements, and cash flow statements.

- Important financial ratios that shed light on a company's profitability, leverage, operating efficiency, and valuation.


7. Technical Analysis of Trending Trades

8 Lectures


- The fundamental concepts and practical applications of technical analysis, starting from the basics.

- Our beginner and intermediate-level trading strategies may help you grasp a better sense of trending prices to allow informed trading decisions.


8. Reduce Investment Risks

9 Lectures


- Our systematic investment risk course may help you understand investment risks.

- Learn to increase confidence in your investment journey by studying three common position adjustment methods in real-life case studies.


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News decoding

  • Potentially refine your skills and become a forward-thinking trader by staying a step ahead of the market.
  • Understanding how to use the latest news to your advantage.

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  • Summarize macro policies and economic signals.
  • Review updated premium courses on a weekly basis.

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